Knitting for a cause

Yey! It’s Friday! Super excited for the weekend. The weather seems to be warming up and I’m looking forward to being able to finally run outside again. I’m sure Boone is too.

This next project came about as a donation for a great cause. Ryan and I have a friend who’s baby was born prematurely and will need lifelong medical treatments. They are throwing a fundraising event later in the month and asked for donations for both live and silent auction. I immediately volunteered and I’m getting together a couple of baskets for the event. One will be ISU themed and the other one will be Iowa themed. I’ll post pictures of these once I get them all finished.


The main item in each basket will be a cowl necklace with the colors of each university. I used the Canaletto Cowl Pattern from Megan Goodacre with some adjustments. One, I made it a two-color scarf. The yellow for any seed stitch lines and the red or black for the eyelet pattern lines.

Love it when Boone warms my feet while I knit!


Band adjustments. To incorporate the colors into the design, I adjusted the number of lines to be repeated on the pattern. The beginning and end seed stitch I kept the same. For the first eyelet pattern I did 5 repeats of the pattern plus 3 rows. For the second eyelet go around I did 3 repeats plus 3 rows. Then, for the middle band, I only did 2 rows in seed stitch, 3 rows in the knit pattern and finally 2 more rows in seed stitch.


I also used a medium weight yarn and size 7 needles, so the pattern is thicker and a little less defined until it gets some wear and tear.


I did a lot of my knitting while traveling for the holidays which made the trips go by so much faster. On the other hand, it also makes it more boring for Ryan since I’m in my head counting stitches.

knitting tips

Also, if you need any tips on how to change colors or any other knitting questions, the TECHknitting site is a great resource to have on your side. Love it!

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