Wedding DIY: Thank You Cards

This post is the second in a series dedicated to the items from my wedding I decided to make myself. The first one talked about how I made the flower bouquets. This one is dedicated to my thank you cards. You’ll need a lot of these for the wedding and you will be writing them three months past the big day. Trust me. I still have one that I need to send out…


This was super easy to do and fun if you pair up with a bridesmaid to help you over a bottle of wine. Thanks Rachael!

The supplies needed depend on what style of card you want. I made two different notes, one for the bridal shower gifts and one for the wedding.  Since Ryan wasn’t involved in the bridal shower, I made those in Spanish just for fun. The supplies I used included: ready made blank cards and envelopes, stamps, clear block, ink pads, scissors, paper cutter, mounting squares, crafter’s tape, ribbon, and stock paper in different colors.


There was a bunch of testing on design and color choices until I finally found the style both Ryan and I loved. The paper cutter was great for getting all the pieces to the correct and same size. In this case, the orange square was about 1/8 of an inch smaller than the face of the card.


Then is was time to stamp. Your fingers will hurt by the time you’re done. One note on stamps. Make sure you test them to check color and alignment. In this case, the “Muchas Gracias” stamp was glued on wrongly. I checked the proper alignment and marked it with a line on the other side and used that as my guide instead of the block.


Once everything is stamped, all that’s left to do is the gluing and assembly.

The steps for the “Thanks” card are: cut orange squares, stamp, glue square to card (we used the mounting squared for this).

The steps for the “Muchas Gracias” card are: placed ribbon (tape seam in the front), cut brown rectangles, stamp, adhere rectangles to card (also used mounting squares).


I also found this stamp that I absolutely adored and decided to use it in the back of the card for a little extra detail. Stamping the envelope also adds a detail to emphasize the theme.


Count the Happies. Love it!


Note: Sometimes home-made cards can actually be more costly than store-bought. I already had a lot of these supplies and wanted something related to my theme, so this was the best option for me.

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