Wedding DIY: Centerpieces

Hello all! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was pretty relaxing. I got to enjoy the company of my good friend Rachael and spend some time outside. Plus, I did a ton of errands and housework with some extra time to work on some crafts. Since it’s Paddy’s Day weekend, I also made some corned beef for dinner, which was delicious and I can’t wait for reubens for lunch.

Ok, back to business. Today I’ll talk a little bit about my centerpieces as the third installment on my Wedding DIY projects. I went simple and rustic for these using glass bottles, twine, sand and crushed seashells. There was a lot of wine and beer drinking to get the materials ready, but with a little help from my friends it wasn’t too bad. Plus, any excuse to drink some wine is totally welcome in this household.


photo credit: Todd Hugen Photography

After a few trial and errors for setting  up the look I wanted, the design ended up consisting of three main bottles with various decorations on them. They were then placed on circular mirrors (provided by the reception hall) and surrounded by candles. Simple and nice. Plus, guests were able to talk to each other across the table without having to navigate through a forest of flowers…


So how did I make the bottles? First part is the drinking. Drink lots of wine and beer and invite your friends to do the same. Once you start collecting the bottles, rinse them out, let them dry and take of the label. Note: sticker labels will save you a lot of time and frustration.


For the green bottles: I wrapped twine around the base and adhered it with hot glue as I went. Placed some dry branches in the bottle and balanced dried starfish on the branches.

For the brown bottles: I used Mod Podge to glue crushed sea shells at the base. Wrapped with glitter tape ( I got this at Michael’s, but could not find it on the site). Then hot glued an accent piece made with a fabric flower, a dried sand dollar and some pearls.

For the clear bottle: Fill with play sand. Easy!


photo credit: Todd Hugen Photography

They were super easy to make, just took a little time. Easy to transport and ready ahead of time, which was a big plus for me. With the help of my family, the centerpieces were in place in less than thirty minutes the day before the wedding. Lovely!


photo credit: Todd Hugen Photography


photo credit: Todd Hugen Photography

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