Wedding DIY: Nativity Gift

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend. I definitely kept myself busy this weekend. It started on Friday with a BBQ at work. It was a great way to kick start Spring and get to hang out with the coworkers that are usually out on the field. Also, had the ISU game to watch at night, which we won!

On Saturday I went on a practice run for my 5k. It was way too cold to run outside, so I went to the rec center. It was boring, but I ran it in less than 30 minutes, which is my goal. Whoop! After running some errands, it was time for date night. We went out to have pizza buffet, yumm! And then relaxed into a night of playing board games. We were both pretty tired so we only ended up playing a few games. It was still super fun.


Sunday was another ISU game day and another win for the Cyclones. Going to the Sweet16!!!! On another note, Boone hates it when I read the paper instead of petting him…

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Let’s get back on track here. This is the fourth installment on my Wedding DIY series where I show you the do-it-yourself extravaganza that was my wedding. I previously talked about the flowers, the thank you notes and the centerpieces. Today, I’ll focus on the gift I made my family and the special people involved in the wedding who weren’t in the wedding party. I’ve seen this wooden nativity set in various sites, so I’m not sure who the original belongs to. I thought it would be great idea for the gifts because it was simple, I could customize it and it would be a special gift they could enjoy year-round.


The supplies used:

  • wooden blocks (1.5×1.5×5, 1.5×1.5×4, 2×0.75×0.5)
  • sand paper
  • wooden knobs (2” and 1.5” diameter)
  • paint
  • twine
  • all-purpose glue
  • jute ribbon/fabric


First up, sand your wooden pieces to make sure they are smooth and have no slivers.


Then, paint the bodies in the colors of choice. I did a variation of my wedding colors: orange, white and brown. I did two paint layers, but you really just need one.


Once, the items are dry, sand again to give them a rustic look. You can sand as much or as little as you want to. Rough them enough that there are places where the original wood is showing.


Get to gluing. First glue the heads in place and let dry.


Next comes the veil. Cut it up to size making sure you have enough fabric to cover at least halfway of Mary’s body. With a small drop of glue, attach the veil to the top of the head. Then, place glue on Joseph’s side and glue them together. Lastly, glue the baby to the front. Let dry a little before finishing the piece. You want the pieces to be sturdy enough to handle, but there’s no need to wait a whole day to finish it. Fold the veil in three as shown.


Cut a piece of twine long enough to go over the figures at least three times. Wrap twine around figures ending at the front. Make sure the twine is snug and that it is holding the baby in place. Tie a knot, cut the ends and presto! Your piece is done and ready to gift.


Here’s a couple of views of the piece. It really works as a gift for any occasion.


The piece was easy to make and super easy to keep safe. Everyone really enjoyed the small, yet thoughtful gift.

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