Wedding DIY: Miscellaneous

Welcome to the last post about my wedding do-it-yourself projects. On this post, I’ve put together a collections or random projects I did for the wedding, sorry no progress or how-to pictures. You can check out my previous wedding posts here.

Considering I don’t like fancy things and all the paper that comes with wedding invitations, I decided to design all of my printables: save-the-dates, invitations and programs.

The save-the-dates were super simple and I ordered them through Vistaprint. They let you order a batch of 10 sample postcards which I highly recommend to make sure you have the right colors, picture sizes, graphic quality, legibility and design. I designed the postcard using Adobe Photoshop.


The invites and programs were also ordered through Vistaprint and designed in Adobe Photoshop. I made them in English and Spanish to add a little fun. A word of advice: be on the lookout for coupons for Vistaprint. I bought a 50% off Groupon which saved me a lot. An added saving bonus, I didn’t include RSVP postcard replies. Stamps add up fast!


Another place to watch for sales is The Knot wedding shop. I was able to get these napkins for the tables for cheap! Paired with some orange bags and jelly beans (bulk at Costco), I had some pretty easy and fun gifts for the guests.


In addition, I placed a blank notebook in each table depicting a different year. We encouraged the guests to fill them out with advice, memories and their love for us so we can read on each anniversary. The guests loved them! Be careful though, the one on my family table almost got burnt. Of course it would be them haha!


We also did some woodworking for our reception. I did a variation on the guest book because I really did not want to save a book of signatures I would never open and look through. Instead, we made some wooden frames that guests signed and we’ll print some wedding pictures to place in the center of them. We even got some wedding crashers’ signatures on there! We also made our own card box with reclaimed wood. I loved that it had a left-to-rot-at-the-beach feel to it.


Back to the church. I wanted a simple way to reserve pews for the family. I did this by using the same embellishments from the flowers attached to a starfish and hung from the sides. It was perfect. Know I have one hanging from a tall vase in our living room.


Lastly, I made the boutonnieres for the boys in the same manner as the flower. Orange silk with burnt edges wrapped with twine and decorated with pearls. The boys were able to be boys without worrying about damaging the flower on their suit. Plus, it was another item I didn’t have to worry about keeping alive.


I believe that is all. It was super hard work, super tough and frustrating at times, but I loved the end result and all the love I put into each one of these pieces. I would definitely do it again. I’m just glad I had a year long engagement to do it all…

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