My house is blue!

Good morning! I have a feeling Monday mornings are just going to get harder and harder. Waking up at 5 in the morning with a 7ish sunrise is no fun. Also, today is the official start of fall, which means it’s time for the days with less than 12 hours of sunlight. Depressing, I know. Hopefully I have enough planned for the coming months to keep me busy busy.

This weekend was pretty mellow and low key. I wanted to have the weekend completely open, so Friday after work I just ran some errands and had a late dinner. After that, it was cuddle time with Boone to rest up for my long run on Saturday.

Boone snuggles

That run was pretty insane. I’ve been nursing a sore hamstring and hip, so I did take more walking breaks than usual. I rather be healthy for this last week before the taper, than really get hurt. Eleven miles done. Pheww!


After a very needed hour nap, Ryan and I cleaned up the house and then met a couple of friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and football. Afterwards we hung out at our place until bedtime.

Hang out

We were planning on going golfing on Sunday, but it ended up being a very windy day. So instead, Ryan and I kept tackling the painting of the house. We got the kitchen and hallway done. Blue, blue, blue. And we love it! It is so bright and lively now. So much better. It at least made me smile this morning when I woke up.

Blue House

Also, made a quick trip to Target to check out their home clearance. Bought two rugs I was eyeing, so it was well worth it. Plus, had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, yum!


Half Marathon Week 8 Recap

Monday: rest.

Tuesday: 4.01 mi @ 9’33” per mile.

Wednesday: 5.01 mi @ 10’21” per mile.

Thursday: 4.0 mi @ 9’49” per mile.

Friday: off

Saturday: 11.0 mi @ 11’10” per mile.

Sunday: rest

Even though I didn’t do any yoga this week : (  I did do hamstring specific stretches after all my workouts.

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