Holiday Decorative Pillows

I’ve got a super fun and easy project for you today. It literally took me about 30 minutes to make all three pillows. It all started with an impulse buy. I love browsing holiday decorations after the season is over and everything is on a super discount. Last year, I fell in love with some kitchen towels. Didn’t really need them and they really didn’t match my deco, but I bought them anyways. So, I’ve had them for a while and finally came up with a way to use them: Christmas Pillows!

Holiday Decorative Pillows

I love how cute Holiday pillows look, but sometimes they can be a tad too expensive. This version is cute, cheap and easily doable if you know how to sew a straight line. I browsed Home Goods for some more kitchen towels to use and they have some super cute designs. I purchased a pair for five bucks to use for this project. So if you needed an excuse to visit Home Goods, then here it is.

Holiday Pillows fabric

There’s a couple of ways to make these. The most basic, which I did with my “Merry Christmas” fabric, is to fold the fabric in half, printed sides facing each other.

Holiday Pillows fold

Sew the two shorter sides just inside their finished seams. Then, sew the longer “bottom side” leaving a gap in the middle.

Holiday Pillows sew

Turn inside out. Stuff with Poly-Fil (this 20oz bag was five bucks as well and enough stuffing for all three pillows).

Holiday Pillows fill

Close and pin gap and sew shut. Please ignore that the pics below are from a different pillow. I kinda forgot to take pics of this step on the first one. Done!

Holiday Pillows finish

The other two pillows I made with a different pattern fabric on each side. On one I used half of each towel and sewed them to make a rectangle pillow (same size as the first one). For the smaller one, I cut the fabric into 12” squares and sewed. The only difference with these is that you’re sewing all four sides instead of three.

Holiday Pillows versions

Tips. Don’t over stuff or the pillow will kinda scrunch up. Also, fill with poly-fill a little a a time to prevent lumpiness.

Holiday Pillows

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