Lime and Cornmeal Cookies

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Today I’m sharing with you my 30 Before 30 sweets recipe for the month of November. Betty & Bobo’s Better Bread bakery in NewBo City Market here in Cedar Rapids has amazing breads and sweets. Ever since I tried their cornmeal lime cookie, I’ve been obsessed. Have to have one every time I visit. So, I’ve been perusing the internet trying to find a good recipe and I think my first attempt was a success, delicious!

Lime and Cornmeal Cookies

The cookie recipe I got from A Spicy Perspective. Their Best Sugar Cookie Recipe with Cornmeal looked like the prefect one to try. It starts by creaming together butter and sugar. The base of all good cookies.

Cornmeal Cookies cream

Then, add salt, flour, egg, vanilla and cornmeal.

Cornmeal Cookies batter

Don’t forget the special add-on: lime zest!

Cornmeal Cookies lime

The mix gets rolled into a log and frozen until firm.

Cornmeal Cookies log

To minimize stickiness before baking, the log gets rolled into even more cornmeal.

Cornmeal Cookies dust


Cornmeal Cookies slice

… and baked.

Cornmeal Cookies bake

For the frosting recipe, I went with the one on The Kitchn. The icing used in their Cornmeal Lime Cookies looked just right. Starts off as a simple powdered sugar, lemon juice and lime zest mix.

Cornmeal Cookies powder

All whipped together to perfection.

Cornmeal Cookies icing

Once the cookies are cooled, top them with icing.

Cornmeal Cookies ice

These are seriously really good. In the future I’ll probably play around with the recipe to make the icing more like a glaze and make the cookies thicker and more cake-like.

Lime Cornmeal Cookies

The best way to enjoy them: with a good cup of coffee.


Have a good day!

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