Holiday Word Cubes

Happy Wednesday wonderful people! I can’t help it, the holiday bug has bit me hard. I’m super excited for the season and don’t care if it’s too early or not. I simply love Christmas. It keeps me sane during the cold Iowa winters.

The project I bring to you today is a quick way to add some Holiday décor to a small space. Office, nightstand, desk, ledge (totally just read that in Stefan’s voice). It works everywhere! These Holiday Word Cubes are easily customizable and bring a pop of color to any space.

Holiday Word Cube

Supplies: wood cubes, acrylic paint, Mod Podge and brush, scrapbook paper, permanent markers, acrylic varnish, stencil or printout.

Holiday Word Cubes blocks

Paint your cubes with a base coat of acrylic paint. I used white (even though it looks pink, bad lighting) for my 1.5” cubes.

Holiday Word Cubes prints

Cut scrapbook paper squares to 1/8” smaller than the cube dimensions. One for each side. Use Mod Podge and a brush to attach. My method: a layer on the face of the cube, a layer on the back of the paper, stick, and a final layer on top of the paper. Let dry completely before proceeding.

Holiday Word Cubes modpodge

With a letter stencil or print out, transfer the letter outlines to the cubes. Choose a word per side. I only did a design on four sides. My words chosen: hope, paz (peace in Spanish) and a mistletoe, joy and a snowflake, and Noel.

Holiday Word Cubes layout

Color in the letters with permanent marker of choice. Metallics look really good.

Holiday Word Cubes trace

For extra contrast, draw an outline or shadow line with a thinner contrasting color.

Holiday Word Cubes outline

Do this on all sides.

Holiday Word Cubes faces

Once completely dry, brush on a coat of acrylic varnish to prevent stickiness. Follow directions on bottle. This Liquitex varnish is awesome.

Holiday Word Cubes varnish

Once all sides are done and completely finished, display your artwork and enjoy the versatility of the cubes.

Holiday Word Cubes

Happy crafting and enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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