Quick Recap

Good morning guys! So, this past week was pretty amazing. Even though I didn’t announce it, Ryan and I took a week long vacation to Oregon and it was glorious. Definitely a trip everyone should take in their lifetime. I’ll do a little more in depth recaps coming up in the next couple of weeks, but here’s the gist of how the week went.

Last Saturday we had Thanksgiving with Ryan’s family. It was a pretty fun time and it’s always good to catch up with everybody.


Sunday, Ryan and I flew to Portland. We rented an SUV for the duration of the trip (bid on Priceline, highly recommend). We stayed in the Northwest of the city and it turned out to be a great area. Loved it! The weather all through the trip was pretty wet and damp, but that’s typical of Oregon and it didn’t affect our trip at all.


Monday we drove to the coast and all the way down to Manzanita, a small lovely coastal town. The drive and views were amazing and super relaxing.


Tuesday, we kept driving down the coast and into Newport, a crabbing town with amazing food.


Wednesday, back to Portland but through the Willamette Valley. This provided great views of Mount Hood and amazing wine.


Thursday, we drove to see some waterfalls and did some hiking. At night we had reservations for dinner which was sooo goood.


Friday we flew back and spent the weekend with Ryan’s parents and our friends.


Now, it’s back to reality and trying to catch up to the Holiday season.

Indian Beach

Hope you have a great week!

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