Le Lo Lai Wreath

Decorations are going up! This house will be all ready for Christmas in no time!

If you’re still looking for some décor ideas, I got another wreath for you. Two things I love about wreaths are that they can take up a lot of space (make them as big as you want) and they’re super easy to store year after year. Just set it in a box and forget it.

Le Lo Lai Wreath

For this wreath I used a red, white and gold palette. Materials needed: grape vine wreath, berry picks, various fabric flowers, glitter, ribbon, acrylic paint, balsa wood and hot glue.

Le Lo Lai Wreath materials

Just like in the Plush Penguin Wreath, place two berry picks on either side of the wreath, cut the excess wire off and use to keep picks in place.

Le Lo Lai Wreath picks

Next, with hot glue, adhere an accent flower to the bottom of the wreath.

Le Lo Lai Wreath accent

Place smaller flowers of various colors on either side of the accent one.

Le Lo Lai Wreath flowers

For the accent on top, print out a Holiday word in font of choice. I went with “Le Lo Lai” which is the Puerto Rican version of “Fa La La”. Cut out a border and transfer to balsa wood. Edge the border to the balsa wood until you create a cutout. Paint this with acrylic color of choice and let dry. Then, trace the word with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Once completely dry, glue to wreath.

Le Lo Lai Wreath balsa

Make hanger for wreath out of ribbon.

Le Lo Lai Wreath hanger

An easy way to add some more Christmas décor to your home.

Le Lo Lai Wreaths

Have a great day!


  1. Wow, this wreath looks awesome!!! Great job! 🙂

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