Christmas Artwork

Hello everyone! How’s you week going so far? Mine not so bad. I’m determined to not overflow my plate and be stressed out after work and it’s been working pretty good so far. The brain needs to rest sometimes. I also got back on the exercise wagon, two weeks off was way too much. I planned out my running schedule for winter, when I have more time to run with daylight because of shorter work days. Quite excited to get back on it!

Ok, here’s the project I have for you today. It might seem complicated, but it’s really super easy, promise. Thee different works of art for Christmas. They work great if you need to fill up a shelf or if you want to replace a framed picture during the holidays. They’re all 5×7, a very manageable size.


The first one is the marker holly. Trace or loosely draw a holly with pencil unto a piece of paper. With two different red and two different green colored markers, fill in the spaces with mixed sized dots. Let dry completely and erase pencil marks.

Holly Artwork process

Holly Artwork

The second one involves a little measuring. Divide your paper into 12 equal sized squares. With cardboard, cut a tree silhouette a bit smaller than your squares. If you fold it in half, it’ll be symmetrical.  Cut 11 green trees and 1 red tree from scrapbook paper. Glue each tree to the center of your premeasured squares. The red tree will be an accent one no matter where you place it. Once dry, erase pencil marks.

Tree Cutout Artwork process

Lastly, the stamped tree. This might be a little costly if you don’t have the supplies, but eventually the stamps and ink will last a long long time. With pencil, measure and draw guiding lines for a tree and a phrase. With different colored ink and  stamps, fill the spaces in to create a Christmas tree shape. I used snowflake stamps in green for foliage, red for ornaments and gold for the star and base. If wanted, add a Christmas saying with stamp letters. Once completely dry, erase pencil marks.

Stamped Tree Artwork process

Stamped Tree Artwork

Frame and hang your artwork where desired.


These really don’t take a lot of time to produce, making them a great last minute décor idea.

Tree Cutout

Happy crafting!

Stamped Tree


  1. These are so cute! I’m leaning toward simpler Christmas decor these days and the cutout trees would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

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