Oregon Trip: Day 4, Newport to Portland

Good morning! Hope you guys had a great weekend and are enjoying your Holiday celebrations. I am sure enjoying being able to sleep in a little longer than usual and getting some friends and family time. We had Christmas with Ryan’s grandma and family yesterday, which was really nice. And of course, I ate quite more than I needed, but whatever, it was delicious.

Coast Drive

Today, I’m going to keep recapping our Oregon trip, partly because I still need to do that and partly because I love reminiscing about the trip. For our fourth day we headed back inland to Portland, but first we hung out at the coast a little longer. We loved it so much that we really didn’t want to leave. So first up, we walked down the Bayfront area in Newport again. We wanted to be able to see it in the daylight. We got to see the sea lions, they don’t shut up, it’s amazing. The crabbers were also getting ready for the season, so I posed next to some crab pots and stinky bait tubs.

 Newport Bayfront

We had breakfast at The Coffee House. We had some fancy coffee and shared a delicious breakfast sandwich. We sat outside on their balcony looking over the bay and were joined by a grandfather and his two grandkids who were out crabbing and a couple, he is a commercial crabber and she worked for the conservation. Needless to say, we had some awesome conversations about crabbing in general and we would’ve stayed there forever talking to them. It was the most relaxing morning of the whole trip. Also, they did mention that sea lions never shut up, I had to ask.


Then we got back on the road. Instead of driving straight inland through Corvallis and Salem, we went back up on 101 to capitalize on our coast time. Then we headed inland when we got to Lincoln City. We stopped at a couple of overlooks just to take it all in one last time. Can you tell we wanted to stay there forever?

Coastal Views

Once we got to the Willamette Valley, our first stop was at the Eyrie Vineyards in McInville. Their actual vineyards are in the Dundee Hills, but they make their wine in town. They claim to be the first pinot noir of the valley and the first pinot gris in America. Ryan and I shared a flight of 8 wines. We tasted wines from chardonnay to pinot noir. By far the best one we tried was a Library wine from the 1960s. Wow, that wine was delicious and smooth and expensive. The bottle cost about $160, so we decided to take some of their lesser priced wines, which were still delicious, and save for a special occasion.

Eyrie Vineyards

Then we went to the Domaine Drouhin Vineyards. This time their location was right in the middle of their fields. The views of Mount Hood were outstanding that day. We had another flight of wines and my favorite was the Chardonnay. We drank our wines outside while enjoying the view and just taking it all in. We knew our trip was ending soon and we were kinda resenting that.

Domaine Drouhin

Once done, we headed back to Portland and checked in at the Holiday Inn again. We ended up having a late lunch/early dinner at McMenamins a tavern and pool hall. Their pizza was delicious. After that, we were pretty much beat so we went back to the hotel and did some relaxing while watching TV. Super exciting haha.


Thoughts from the trip:

  • can we go back to the coast? 
  • the wine was delicious, more time and a DD would have been awesome
  • day 4 in three words: relax, wine, scenery

Mt Hood

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