Tortoise Beaded Necklace

Good morning everybody! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day! Can’t complain about mine. I spent the day with family and friends and eating lots of wonderful food.

Turtoise Necklace long

In case you still have some more gift exchanges to go to and need a last minute idea, here’s a simple beaded necklace that takes no time to make. You can also probably do it with supplies you already have on hand. Materials needed: seed beads, beads of different shapes and colors in the same color scheme, jewelry pliers, wire and findings for the closure.

Turtoise Necklace findings     

First up, you want to create your pattern. This one is pretty mindless because there’s no symmetry involved. All you have to do is arrange the beads in groups of 2-5 along your bead board until you reach desired length. Since there’s going to be a seed bead in between each larger bead, the necklace will end up being a little bit longer than what’s on the bead board. I also added a few single beads to add some accents.

Turtoise Necklace Layout

Cut your wire to length remembering to leave extra for both ends. My necklace ended up measuring around 30 inches long.

Turtoise Necklace wire

Start adding you beads according to the pattern.

Turtoise Necklace Beads

Remember to place a seed bead in between each one. I went with gold, but any color will do. It just gives the necklace unity and a more delicate look.

Turtoise Necklace small beads

Keep going until all your necklace is beaded.

Turtoise Necklace pattern

With your findings (crimp, crimp cover and jump ring) close both ends.

Turtoise Necklace ends

Add clasp and your necklace is done.

Turtoise Necklace clasp

I love that by having multiple colors in the same tone, it can be worn with a myriad of colors.

Turtoise Necklaces

Simple, but elegant.

Turtoise Necklace

Perfect for a white tee or dressed up with a blazer.

Turtoise Necklace coils

Now go out there and have yourself a wonderful weekend!

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