Oregon Trip: Day 5, Thanksgiving in Portland

Hello! Hope you had a great weekend! Ryan and I got back from his hometown on Friday, so we’ve spent this whole weekend working on house projects, cleaning, organizing and checking things off our to-do list. It’s a great feeling. Now we just need to get a big truck to haul all of our trash away. We hadn’t gutted the house since we moved in 8 months ago and there was still a ton of random items left over from the previous owner. One thing on our agenda this winter is to refinish our hardwood floors, but we can’t do that yet because I refuse to take down our Christmas tree. Puerto Rican holidays go past January 8, soooo everything is staying up at least until then. I do have to love Ryan’s patience and understanding on this.

Christmas in Pokie        

Anywho, I’m finally going to recap the last day of our Oregon trip. Sad. I don’t want it to end.

Since we were there for Thanksgiving, almost everything was closed. We had saved the waterfalls scenic drive for this day because of this reason. I gotta say, I’m glad we were “forced” to do this because it was gorgeous. After having breakfast at the Holiday Inn, we headed East on 84 and then detoured to the Historic Columbia River Highway. This instantly provided us amazing views of the Columbia River. While 84 goes along the river on the valley, the highway actually climbs up the mountains, good thing I’m used to curvy roads from back home.

East Highway

Our first stop was the Vista House, an information center and rest stop. It’s usually open to the public, but not on holidays of course. The road meanders around it creating a clearing and giving great panoramic views of the river valley. Even though rain was threatening to fall down, it was still clear enough to see for miles. A great start to the day trip.

Vista House

Once on the road again, we did see some small waterfalls. Apparently this road is full of them. Our first waterfall stop was the Bridal Veil Falls. After a short trail walk, we arrived at the foot of this 120’ tall waterfall. It was quite gorgeous and peaceful. The trail also provided some views of the river.

Bridal Veil Falls

Our next stop was in the famous Multnomah Falls. Again, the rest stop was closed, but it didn’t matter to us. Just a stone-throw away from the parking lot, this 611’ tall fall is a beast. It was also quite crowded, taking a picture was an experience. The trail to the bridge was closed, but the views were still quite impressive. Down the stream at the base, we also had the opportunity to see salmon getting ready for spawning season. Sweet!

Multnomah Falls

Out final waterfall was probably my favorite. The appeal of Horsetail Falls is mainly the experience of feeling and seeing the fall’s force. You start at the base, which is quite powerful. Within a couple of minutes we were pretty wet from the blast of water being swept by the force of the fall. After a very dewy picture, we got on the trail to go to the upper part of the falls. The hike was pretty steep and quite the experience. Looking over the cliff side you could see the very very tiny cars and the small river far far below. Finally, the tail leads you to the upper falls and actually takes you behind them since they fall over a rock/cave. It was my favorite!

Horsetail Falls

Back in Portland, we had lunch at the Nob Hill Bar and Grill on 23rd NW. Just your usual pub fare. We watched some of the Cowboys game on there, but since they weren’t doing too hot, we finished the game/took a nap at the hotel. We just relaxed and watched TV until it was time to get ready for dinner. I had made reservations at the Portland City Grill and was quite excited about it because of the great reviews.

Upper Horsetail Falls

It was quite the walk/trek there, dark and rainy, but it was definitely worth it. The restaurant is on the 30th floor and provides great views of the city at night. It’s a dimly lit restaurant which set the mood for the evening, plus the service was outstanding. We first ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir to toast. Our appetizer, duck with steamed buns, was to die for. Cooked to perfection and so flavorful. When our entrees came, the excitement continued. Ryan had crab cakes with potatoes and I went with the crab stuffed fish. I can’t remember the exact plate, it was from the Special menu, but I do know that it tasted amazing. If I wasn’t so full, I would have definitely finished my plate. Of course, when dessert time rolled in, I was all for it. I do believe I have a separate section in my belly for desserts, there’s always room. I went with the Vanilla Bean Crème Brulée, while Ryan opted for an after dinner Brandy. Sooo good. Needless to say we left with happy bellies.

Portland City Grill

Bright and early in the morning, it was time to say goodbye. Getting to the airport, dropping the car off and checking in was a cinch. The trip was perfect and I would definitely visit again. Loved it!

Horsetail Trail

Thoughts from the trip:

  • Would have loved to spend a whole day just walking on the trails. They’re magnificent.  
  • Portland City Grill, although pricey, definitely worth it. This was our one splurge for Thanksgiving meal/anniversary dinner.
  • day 5 in three words: trails, awe, deliciousness

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