Winter Wreath with Letter Accent

Hello! This week I’m torn between excited and sad. On one part, I’m kinda down because we took all of our Christmas decorations down and that is always sad. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to getting a move on with some house projects we have on our list.

One of the decorations that had to be replaced was the front door wreath. I wanted to make a wreath that still looked wintery, but not depressing, if you know what I mean. So, I went with a beige, white and deep purple pallet. I absolutely love how it turned out.

Winter Wreath with Accent Letter

Materials needed:

  • cardboard wreath
  • twine
  • fabric flowers
  • willow twig
  • ribbon
  • scrap wire
  • wood letter
  • accent piece, optional
  • hot glue

Winter Wreath materials

First, get nice and comfy because you’ll be wrapping twine around the wreath for a while. Start with a drop of hot glue and wrap the twine all the way around keeping it tight. You want to keep the twine as close together as possible. You might need to push the inside together a bit to keep the twine from going in a diagonal pattern. Keep adding bits of hot glue to the back to keep the twine from moving in time.

Winter Wreath twine

To add some extra interest, make an X with the twine every so often.

Winter Wreath twine x

Continue until done.

Winter Wreath wrap twine

Separate the willow twig into smaller pieces. Gather about 5 of them in bunches and glue to the bottom of the wreath going along the side. Hold together with a pice of yarn. Do the same on the other side.

Winter Wreath willow twigs

Next, add the flowers to the bottom with hot glue. Big one in the middle, smaller to the sides.

Winter Wreath flowers

For the bow, I combined two sizes of ribbon, just attached together with a little glue every so often. Loop your ribbon three times making two full loops plus the two ends. Arrange so they’re all about the same length and width you want the bow to be.

Winter Wreath bow loop

Gather in the middle and tie together with some wire, floral or any scrap will work. Even twist ties. Cut off excess ribbon at ends and slightly pass over a lighter to seal ends, optional.

Winter Wreath bow

With a piece of the smaller ribbon and hot glue, cover the wire by wrapping the ribbon a couple of times around it. If you’re hanging the wreath with a nail, like I am, make a small loop at the top of the bow.

Winter Wreath loop

Wrap the loose end of the ribbon around the wooden letter and attach ribbon and bow to top of wreath.

Winter Wreath letter

As an option, you can add a bead or other accent, sand dollar in my case, to the bottom of the bow. It just gives it a little extra.

Winter Wreath sand dollar

Hang on the door and enjoy. As you can see from the reflection on the windows, it’s quite snowy out here.

Winter Wreath 

A cool and totally unplanned part of the wreath is that the A ends up being right in the middle of the center window and can be seen from inside. Fun!

Winter Wreath inside A

Hope you have a great weekend. Do something fun!


  1. Beautiful wreath and great DIY break down! Thanks for sharing on Friday Finds Link Party:)


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