The end of the season

Good morning! Nothing really eventful happened this weekend, but it was kind of nonstop, until Sunday night aka Golden Globes Night.

First up, one positive thing about this really really cold weather, sun dogs. It happens when the air is so cold it actually freezes, so there’s tiny ice particles hanging around in the air. This causes an optical illusion where the Sun is surrounded by a circular rainbow kinda looking thing and two bright spots on either side. It’s a pretty sweet sight.


Saturday morning started with a trip to Target. I wanted to browse around their home section and see what kind of deals they had. Well, I’m glad I did. I was leaning towards a brow, turquoise, orange palette for our bedroom, but after seeing this yellow comforter set and at that price, I was in love. Plus, Ryan approved it, score!


Afterwards, I went on a run in the rec center. I wanted to get a couple of miles in, but after running one straight, my knee started bugging me. So for the next mile, I just ran/walked. I guess I really gotta ease myself back into running. Boo. Then, off to the mall I went.


I treated myself to a coffee. One of the perks of knowing the cashier, they don’t ask me for my name plus they spell it right. Whoop! Also, Barnes & Noble should start accepting Starbucks reward cards…


Apparently I wasn’t the only one that decided to make a Costco run. It was packed! But I did fill up on some items, plus I got a turquoise sheet set to go with the comforter for $14 bucks.


Ryan had been ice fishing all day, so when he got back I felt like going on a mini date. We ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings to be able to watch the NFL playoffs and, most importantly, the ISU @ West Virginia game. Yes, the Cyclones won! There was actually a nice State crowd in there.


Sunday started with a quick trip to Walmart and then some very important business. Brownie testing. I tried a regular version and a paleo version. Results on the blog soon.


Then it was time to watch the Dallas @ Packers game. Unfortunately, it marked the end of the season for the Cowboys, but not without putting in a good fight. What a game! Plus, our snacks were pretty outstanding.


Finally, it was time for some blogging, beer and Golden Globes. Not a bad way to end the weekend.


Here’s to a good week!

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