The Brownie Experiment: Regular vs Paleo

Hey, it’s Friday! Which means it’s almost the weekend. Which means it’s time to indulge, and indulge I did (last weekend).

Brownies Regular vs Paleo

I decided to make two batches of brownies. I had the cravings and the recipes and couldn’t decided which one to make, so I made both. The regular brownie recipe is from Handle the Heat and the paleo brownies are from Skip to my Lou.

Brownie chocolate

Other than the chocolate, the ingredients were quite different, obviously, but the recipes were both easy to make. No double broiler?!? Count me in!

Brownie Ingredients

The batters were very different. The regular brownies, with the folding, were foamy, sort of like a mousse. On the other hand, the paleo brownie batter was what you would expect from a regular box batter, kinda runny.

Brownie batter

The regular brownie called for aluminum foil in a 8×8 pan, next time I’ll be making them in a bigger pan. More on that later. The paleo ones went into parchment paper. Both came out alright without any burnt edges, so I’m sure either would work just fine.

Brownie pans

For some reason, they both took longer to cook than the recipe stated, about twice as long to be exact. Not sure if it was my oven having an off day or what because my oven is usually spot on with time… That’s why the regular brownie look so butchered, I kept checking to see if it was done. The regular brownies ended up forming a crust with a very fudgy center, maybe on a bigger pan they’ll cook more evenly. The paleo ones ended up perfectly.

Brownie batches


  • The regular brownies had more of a chocolate flavor, more fudgy texture. Turned out pretty good despite the baking time. Not the best brownie I’ve had, but not bad.
  • The paleo brownies turned out cake-y and the flavor was actually quite impressive. At first, the almond butter was a little overpowering, but once they sat for a bit, they were perfect.
  • Both were very moist and the chocolate taste was spot on, not overpoweringly sweet or bitter.

Brownies Regular and Paleo

I brought them to work and everyone approved both of them. They were gone pretty quickly. It ends up being a matter of preference in texture and taste (or any dietary needs since the paleo ones are gluten free as well).

Brownie prep

Have fun this weekend and hope you get to eat something you love!


  1. Apple sauce seems like a weird ingredient! Will Try anyways!

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