By the Sea Necklace

Good morning everybody! This weekend I made some jewelry that I was pretty excited about. I have an insane amount of beads waiting for inspiration to strike and it finally did this weekend. Seriously, the beads are at least two years old. That’s me!

By The Sea necklace

Anyways, the aptly named By the Sea necklace is inspired by the beautiful turquoise and foamy white color the waves get when they crash to the shore. Plus, the charms imitate shells so, I had no other choice but to name it something ocean related.

By the Sea necklaces

Supplies needed (as always, colors can be changed to your preference):

  • white shell/mother of pearl big disc
  • turquoise discs, medium
  • white discs, small
  • four different varieties of metal chains
  • clasp
  • jump rings
  • jewelry tools

By the Sea materials

First up, cut up three pieces of chain, in three different lengths (10.5”, 7.5”, 6.5”).

By the Sea chains

Attach the big disc to the center of the longest chain with a jump ring.

By the Sea charm

Next, also with jump rings, attach about four medium blue discs to each side of the chain spaced evenly.

By the Sea row 1 blue

To finish this part, attach small white discs in between each blue disc.

By the Sea row 1 white

For the second longest length of chain, attach the leftover medium blue discs spaced evenly.

By the Sea row 2

For the shortest piece of chain, attach the white small discs.

By the Sea row 3

Next up, cut the chains that will finish the necklace. Cut one 4.5” long and the other 9” long. This will make it adjustable. Attach a big jump ring on one side and a clasp at the other end.

By the Sea chain

Place the three beaded chains to the big jump ring. Make sure to do this in order of length so the necklace lays properly.

By the Sea three together

That’s it! The longer length on one side of the chain allows you to adjust the necklace depending on your outfit cut or look.

By the Sea lengths

As you can see the clasp will end up a little to the side, but it won’t be visible once you put the necklace on.

By the Sea necklace complete

Need more views of the necklace?

By the Sea double

Good, cause I took a lot of pictures, haha.

By the Sea blues

Hope you have a very creative Wednesday!

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