Happy Monday

Hello hello! Last week of January and feeling pretty good about it. Getting back into running has been pretty awesome, even though it’s cumbersome to try to schedule going to he gym before work. Who likes to shower in a locker room? Not me.

The weekend was pretty low key. I took my time drinking coffee in the morning and Boone wasn’t too happy about it. I think he was dreaming of the beautiful Puerto Rico beaches. Someday I’ll take him.

Sad Boone

Then we went out for a walk. Partly to get him out of the house, partly to scope out the conditions of the sidewalks.

Walking Saturday

Sidewalks were good, so I went on my run. It was a beautiful day, sunny and just enough chill in the wind. Plus, no signs of knee pain. Maybe I will be able to make it to the 10k in March.

Running Saturday

Afterwards, I took Boone on a second walk and then played with some rope for a project I’m working on.


Once cravings hit, there’s no stopping me. So, Sunday I made some cinnamon rolls. I never ever crave these and I actually don’t love them, but for some reason, the bug hit. Since I had all the ingredients, I went ahead and did them. Ate one and craving gone. Now Ryan has more for him.

Cinammon Rolls

I might also have had a craving for salty, so I made some pretzel bites with half of the dough. I’m weird and have too much time in my hands sometimes.

Pretzel bites

We got some snow on Sunday, which Boone thinks it’s the best thing ever. As you can see from the picture below, he loves sticking his nose in it and eating eat. He gets pretty excited.

Boone tongue

At night, it was time to snuggle and snuggle he did. Seriously, if he could actually have been any closer, he would have.

Cudle bud

Btw, did you see this gorgeousness of a dress? She looks stunning. Love her.


To end the weekend, we watched some Miss Universe and texted nonstop with my sisters. I miss watching these things with them. It was sort of a tradition for us. Oscars, pageants, Emmys,you name it. We got together and watched/criticized them.

Miss Universe

You might have notices that Ryan is missing in most of these pics. That’s because he spent most of the weekend ice fishing. He’s hooked! (pun may or may not have been intended)

Have a great week!

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