Greeting Card Series: Stacked Design

Hello hello and happy Friday! It’s been a cold week over here, but that’s what we get when the groundhog decides he’s not ready for spring. Can we please get a second opinion?

I ended up running after work yesterday and it’s amazing the difference that some coffee can make before a workout. Instant pep without even thinking about it. Highly recommend it. I’m not talking about a super huge caramel dulce de leche with extra syrup, more like an 8oz cup with a little bit of milk.

I also worked some more on my greeting cards. It’s the same basic card/envelope design, but using a different technique: stacked paper. It uses two different colors of cardstock and a simple design to create the graphic.

Stacked Greeting Cards

Here’s what you need:

  • heavy white cardstock
  • colored lighter cardstock
  • glue, stick or white
  • X-acto knife or cutting tool
  • pencil
  • permanent fine marker/pen
  • round embossing tool, optional

Cut white cardstock in half making two cards, which will be 5.5×4.25 each when folded in half.

Stacked Greeting Cards white cardsock

The designs for these were squares and hearts in different sizes to be overlaid over each other.

Stacked Greeting Cards design

For the square, cut a 2.75×2.75″ square from two different colored cardstock.

Stacked Greeting Cards big square

Cut these diagonally and save a half of each color.

Stacked Greeting Cards diagonals

Cut the other halves to 1.75″ sides and cut the diagonal.

Stacked Greeting Cards middle square

Finally, cut a triangle from the remnants with 0.75″ sides.

Stacked Greeting Cards triangles

Mark where the design will be 0.75″ from the sides and top. Glue one of the big triangles along these marks. Glue the second color along the diagonal edge to make a square.

Stacked Greeting Cards glue triangle

Mark the diagonal to guide the next layer. Glue the middle sized triangle along this line and centered. Do the same with the other color.

Stcaked Greeting Cards process

Finally, glue the smallest pieces. You can play with orientation to find the most appealing design for you. Place under a heavy object until completely dry.

Stacked Greeting Cards small pieces

For the heart, the design consists of four different sized hearts.

Stacked Greeting Cards hearts

Fold the design in half, and cut out the heart shapes to make stencils.

Stacked Greeting Cards stencils

Cut two hearts out of each colored cardstock.

Stacked Greeting Cards heart shapes

Mark the center of your card where the hearts will be placed.

Stacked Greeting Cards design placement

Glue each heart in the middle and let dry.

Stacked Greeting Cards stacked hearts

Add the colored insert by gluing a piece of 5.25×4″ colored cardstock inside.

Stacked Greeting Cards insides

Once everything is dry, write optional message on the front of the card. Fold in half using an embossing tool if desired.

Stacked Greeting Cards message

For the envelope, cut out the cardstock to the envelope template.

Stacked Greeting Cards envelope template

Fold and glue sides and bottom together. See Confetti Cards for a step-by-step guide.

Stacked Greeting Cards envelope

And there you have it, two more greeting cards to keep handy.

Stacked Greeting Cards with envelopes


If you missed the first one, here it is Greeting Card Series: Confetti Cards

Now get out there and enjoy the weekend! Or stay inside if it’s cold and make yourself a cup of hot chocolate… you know which one I’ll be doing


  1. Oh my goodness, you have so much patience for all of those cuts and perfect angles! I definitely admire this (: I wish I could be a little less sloppy sometimes, hah.

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