Therapeutic Run

Hello peeps! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low key and I love it.

I started with a run on Saturday morning. Lately, my long runs have been pretty tedious. It’s taking me some time to be able to get my endurance back up to running 3 miles straight, so the water breaks and stretching mid run make the miles drag on. Instead of keeping my mind on my running, I instead focused on others. I ran three miles and for each lap I though about a family member and prayed for them on the first mile, made wishes in their name on the second and finally thought about why I’m thankful for them during the last mile. I still had to stop to take a breather, but the workout went by way faster and I felt extremely light. Sometimes a little self-therapy is all you need.

Therapeutic Run

Then, I was off to run errands and refueled with a Larabar. They are actually pretty good and keep me satisfied for a while.

Larabar refuel

A stop at Costco gave me a possible idea for Valentine’s Day dinner.

Costco crab

After I was done with errands. I was off to work at the Home Show my work participates in. Depending on the traffic, hours can go by slow or fast. I happened to be there for the slow time. 

Home Show W

Once back, it was time for snacks and a beer tasting with Ryan. Boone didn’t stop staring at the plate until we were done.       

Snack attack

Whenever Harry Potter is on TV, it is mandatory to watch it.


And Boone was super snooty for some reason. His nose was super wet and he did not care at all. Again, my dog is a weirdo.

Snotty Dog

Just a sampling of the beers we enjoyed. This might have been our best 6-pack yet.

beer tasting

Sunday morning started a bit slow. Boone’s face shows exactly how I felt. I woke up and was ready for a nap.

 Boone cant stay awake

After doing some yoga and a small leg workout, it was time to relax, snuggle and read. I am loving Wild right now. It’s really good.

Relaxing Sunday

Then I met up with Ryan for some ice fishing.

  Fishing setup

Did we catch anything? Nope!

In the Clam

But we did try for a long time to catch this fish we saw on the camera. He just wasn’t having eat, even after Ryan dug out about 10 holes and put the bait right in his face.

Digging holes

Then, a lot more relaxing and snuggling with Boone to end the night. Now off to another workday.

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