Greeting Card Series: Sewn Felt Design

Hello everyone! How’s the middle of the week treating you? Mine definitely better than the start. I rested enough that my spirits are back to being normal, eve if it is going to be cold today. No worries though, at least I’m not in the Northeast right now. Snow snow stay away!

I’ve been trucking along the greeting card series and I’m super pumped about it. Now, I can safely face a few special occasions with the stack I have. The cards today involve felt and some needle and thread.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards w envelopes

Here’s what you need:

  • heavy white cardstock
  • colored lighter cardstock
  • glue, stick or white
  • felt
  • needle and thread
  • pencil
  • permanent fine marker/pen

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards with envelopes

As always, start with a couple of pieces of 8.5×5.5 white cardstock.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards paper

The design should be simple and geometric. You really don’t want complicated angles.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards design

Cut out the shapes to make stencils.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards stencil

Use these to cut out the shapes from felt. Regular felt is ok, but if you want to get fancy, you can use some glittered or textured felt.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards cutouts

Mark where you want them on the card. Preferably centered and closer to the top to leave space for the message.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards placement

Glue them in place. This is mostly to keep them from moving while sewing.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards glue

Grab a contrasting thread color and double the thread in the needle to make it thicker so it really pops out from the design.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards thread

Sew along the edges of the whole design. You can get as detailed or as random as you want. I was distracted while talking to Ryan’s grandpa, so my stiches are all over the place.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards front sewn

Here’s what they look like from the back. If you want, you can cover them with white cardstock, but I like the mirror image on the inside.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards backside

Remember to place your 5.25×4 colored cardstock memo section if desired.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards memo

Write the message on the front and done!

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards message

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. The clover can also be used for St Patrick’s, which is just around the corner.

Sewn Felt Greeting Cards

Check out the previous Greeting Card Series designs, both with detailed envelope making instructions:

Have a great Wednesday!

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