Lots of Love

Hello hello. Hope you had a good weekend filled with love. We took advantage of the weekend as soon as we left work. On our way home, we stopped at Starbucks for their date celebration. Two coffees and a brownie for five bucks. It was pretty good.

 Starbucks Date

Ryan left to go ice fishing, so I opened up our mail while he was gone. One of the packages was from mom and included some Valentine’s presents and some bread that I can’t find here. So, of course, I had a grilled cheese with it for dinner.

All the Bread

The other package was a dress from PinkBlush. Isn’t it gorgeous??!?! I won it on a giveaway through Facebook and I can’t wait for summer to wear it. It fit perfectly and it’s super comfy.

Pink Blush giveaway

On to Valentine’s Day. Look at how much love is on our memo board!

The love board

Ryan got me some flowers and chocolate. He actually said he looked at five cards before picking this one, haha, He hates it so much.

Valentines for me

I made him a scavenger hut with post-its with reasons why I love him. He gathered them all and put them on his nightstand. Cute!

Valentines for Ryan

Later, I worked at another home show for a bit before going to Costco and picking up dinner: whole dungeness crab for the win!


Not before some snacks though…


  Boone had some deer summer sausage too. What a cutie!

heart salami

While the crab defrosted….

crab prep

…we had some wine. I’ve loved all the Coppola wines I’ve tried. So good.

wine me

While the crab steamed, we played some battleship. He didn’t even stand a chance.  

game of battleship

And dinner! Ryan and I agreed that this is the best holiday ever because we eat crab every year. Usually we get snow crab legs, but after our Oregon trip, we had to try some whole crab. They were delicious! We are always thoroughly happy after we’re done.

crab dinner

For dessert I made some chocolate mousse which was amazing! We didn’t do too much Sunday. Just hung around and watched SNL 40 to end the night. It’s alright with me!

Valentines gifts

Have a good week everyone!

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