Greeting Card Series: Watercolor Designs

Hello guys! I’m getting really excited for this weekend because Ryan and I are going to visit a good friend of ours in Kansas City. I wish I could say that it’ll be a little warmer than here, but the South just kinda got cold too this week. It’ll still be a super fun time though!

Also, Ryan’s birthday is this Friday, so I’ll get to use one of these cards I’ve been making lately. Whoop! Today’s design is probably one of the simplest, but it does take a little longer due to drying time. I’ve had this watercolor set since college, so nothing fancy necessary here. Pretty much just some watercolors, brush and water.

Watercolor Greeting Card watercolors

Materials needed:

  • heavy white cardstock
  • colored lighter cardstock
  • glue, stick or white
  • white colored pencil or crayon
  • watercolors and brush
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • permanent fine marker/pen

Watercolor Greeting Card w envelopes

There’s two techniques for these, but first draw out the designs. One style is geared more towards line drawings (the flowers) and the other one is a silhouette (seahorse).

Watercolor Greeting Card design

For the flower version, trace the design to your 8.5×5.5 white cardstock with a white colored pencil or thin crayon.

Watercolor Greeting Card pencil

Mix your colors and paint over the design. The pencil prevents the color from seeping into the paper, leaving the design exposed. Let dry completely.

Watercolor Greeting Card flower colors

For the silhouette, just paint with various colors over the black white cardstock.

Watercolor Greeting Card seahorse base

Cut the seahorse shape and glue on top of watercolor once completely dry.

Watercolor Greeting Card seahorse silhouette

Write message on the card if desired. I left the seahorse one blank.

Watercolor Greeting Cards

Also, make envelopes and colored memo space inside in coordinating colors.

Watercolor Greeting Card with memo space

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