Greeting Card Series: Glitter Design

How’s it going? Hopefully you’re able to enjoy the sunshine where you are because I don’t know of anybody here who would want to spend more than a minute outside. With highs in the single digits and wind chills hovering around twenty below, this twenty something degree high temperature today will feel like summer. Who knew I would be happy to see that temperature, ever!

Also, happy birthday to the lovely man I get to call husband. time to celebrate!

Ryan birthday pic

Anyways, today I bring you the last installment on the Greeting Card Series and you get to play with glitter this time. It seriously felt like I was back in grade school making these.

Glitter Greeting Cards and envelopes

Materials needed:

  • heavy white cardstock
  • colored lighter cardstock
  • white glue and stick glue
  • glitter
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • permanent fine marker/pen

Start with a very simple design, a silhouette works best.

Glitter Greeting Cards design

Next, very lightly trace the design to the 8.5×5.5 white cardstock.

Glitter Greeting Cards silhouette

Place enough white glue on top to cover the entire shape. You don’t need too much, but just enough to cover the silhouette. With intricate corners, a paint brush might be helpful.

Glitter Greeting Cards glue

Next up, glitter it up. You want to make sure to use enough glitter to cover every single inch of the glue. you can’t go wrong with too much glitter.

Glitter Greeting Cards glitter

Once completely dry. Shake off the excess and put back in container to reuse later.

Glitter Greeting Cards dust off

Write your message in the front and ad any little details necessary.

Glitter Greeting Card and envelopes

If desired, glue colored paper to the inside for the memo and make envelopes as well.  To minimize the handling of the cards with glitter, you could score the fold line and glue the memo piece before putting on the glitter.

Glitter Greeting Cards with envelopes

Ok, seriously, doesn’t the glitter on the shoe take you back in time. This was the glitter back in my school days.

Glitter Greeting Card

Check out the previous Greeting Card Series designs:

Glitter Greeting Cards w envelopes

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ah, glitter is so fun! Makes me feel like a kid. I love how simple and elegant your cards look. Lovely!

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