Sad Moments, Happy Moments

Good morning! February is past us and now unto March. Personally, this month is better because we’re that much closer to Spring, yeaahhh! I’m ready to be done with Winter because I need some sunshine. I want to take Boone on walks, spend time outside, run outside without fear of falling on icy patches, sweating. Yes, sometimes you just need to sweat a little.

This weekend was all about getting things done. Since Ryan has to work at another Home Show on Friday, I tried to keep him entertained by sending him stupid pics, like the one below.

  Funny Snap   

Saturday was all about driving. One of Ryan’s family members passed away, so we spent Saturday driving to the funeral and spending time with family. Although under unfortunate circumstances, it was really nice to see everybody again.

Cold Drive

We spent Saturday night catching up on some House of Cards. Binge watching is awesome and I’m not afraid to admit we’re guilty of it. Plus, I found where they sell Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown. I had it in Oregon and I’ve been craving it ever since. Soooo good!

Rogue Hazelnut Brown

Sunday started with a quick trip to church. I’m starting to look at some of the ones around our neighborhood to see if any of them catches our interest. Then, it was To-Do List time: cleaning the house, working on a project, starting some seeds, etc.


I took a break to take some lunch to Ryan, who was out ice fishing since before sunrise, crazy.

Ice Fish Date

Came back to give Boone some cuddles, can’t resist those puppy eyes. Crossed of some more items from my to-do list and finished the night with some more House of Cards. Can’t help it.

Boone Cuddles

Have a good week!

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