Black and White Infinity Scarf

Good morning! How was your St Paddy’s Day? Nothing special over here, other than a corned beef dinner. It was quite good, if I say so myself. Unfortunately, we didn’t have leftovers for reubens, but will run to the store to get more for the weekend. Ryan and I are big fans of those delicious sandwiches.

Although last week was pretty warm, the high temperature yesterday was 40 degrees lower than on Monday. Thanks weather! On the other hand, it means it’s not time to put away those scarves just yet. So, I’m bringing you another tutorial for an infinity scarf. This one is two-toned. Just knit with two pieces of yarn at the same time. This will give you the color contrast and a thicker gauge with less knitting to be done, so you’ll get done faster. Win Win!

Black and White Infinity Scarf pattern

I used two skeins of  Medium weight (4) yarn and size 10 needles.

Black and White Infinity Scarf diy


Cast on 32 stitches

R1: SL1, K1, *SL1, K3, PSSO* repeat 7 times, K2

R2: SL1, *P3, YO* repeat 7 times, P3

R3: SL1, Knit til last sticth

R4: SL1, Purl til last sticth

Black and White Infinity Scarf sides

Repeat pattern until desired length. For an infinity scarf, 30” per wrap around the neck should be enough, depending on how snug around the neck is your preference. I made this one 60” long.

Black and White Infinity Scarf

Bind off.

Black and White Infinity Scarf bind off

Use an embroidery needle to weave both ends of the scarf together to create the infinity loop.

Black and White Infinity Scarf weave ends

SL1: slip stitch. Just place the right needle as if to knit and remove from left needle without actually knitting

Slip Stitch

PSSO: pass slipped stitch over. Once you slip one stitch and knit the following three stitches, pass the slipped stitch over the last 3 knit stitches.

Passed Slipped Stitch Over

YO: yarn over. After a purl stitch, wrap yarn around right needle, purl another stitch.

 Purl Yarn Over

I wish I was keeping the scarf because it is quote cozy, but it’s a gift. I really enjoyed doing this scarf and I might experiment soon with more crazy color  combinations.

Black and White Infinity Scarf how to

Have fun knitting!

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