NYC Care Package

Good morning and Happy Friday! Yesterday my sister Hanna moved to NYC to start a new chapter in her life. I’m so super excited for her that I almost feel like I moved myself. I wanted to somehow be part of her move and help her transition. My options were flying to NYC and welcoming her or sending her a care package. I obviously went with the package because it saves me a lot more money and they’re super fun to give and receive. All through college, and still now really, I got super excited when I received a package of goodies from my mom. It’s the best!

mailtime bluesclues

So, I got all sneaky and stalked the internet to find the address of her temporary roommate. A good care package has a little bit of everything, including food. In it I gathered a few of my favorite things, some cold weather essentials and items I thought would be useful in NYC. I wrapped them all individually with a note in each one to make it even more exciting to open, ALL the presents! To add a little more pizazz, I sloppily decorated the box. Seriously, it took five minutes and not a lot of care. I might have been running late for work.

Care Package for NYC

Care Packages ideas:

Food. Everybody likes treats, so I sent her some tea (Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset) and her favorite gum (Dentyne Ice Artic Chill).

For the belly

Entertainment. Of course you want to provide some fun. In this case, I sent her a book I finished reading not too long ago (Paper Towns by John Green) and a deck of cards. Everybody needs a deck of cards.


Beauty items. Why not? My favorite hand lotion because it truly is the best (Eucerin) and some hand sanitizers and holder from Bath and Bodyworks because subways. I probably spent about ten minutes trying to pick one, the smells are just amazing.

Hand Care

Weather related essentials. I sent her the scarf I knit just recently and THE best pair of gloves I have every tried. I just found them this last year and I’m never going back. I’ve tried Isotoner before, but these ones really do keep my fingers nice and warm.

Cold Weather musts

Site specific needs. What’s one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of NYC? The subway of course. Well, I couldn’t buy tickets online, so instead I sent her the fare on a little gift card holder.

Getting around

Personalized items. I wanted to give her something fun to keep memories in. With a 4×4 album, I gathered some older pics for her to have and included empty pages to gather new memories. This was actually super fun to make, but I love looking through old pictures.

Album of Memories

Gifts that keep on giving. I made a set of cards for her to open on different occasions. All titled “Open when…”, they were: you need inspiration, you’re super bored, you need some encouragement, you need to smile, you miss me, you need a hug, and finally, you feel awesome. These took some time to come up with, but I really loved the result.

For the future

I love coming up with gifts for people and try to make them as personal as possible. I think I nailed it with this one. Here’s to an awesome time in New York for my sister!

Have a great weekend! My bestest friend from college is staying over and I have a 10K tomorrow, should be fun!


  1. I am moving!!! Because I WANT ONE!

    You are so awesome…

    Opacando a tus hermanas desde el 1985….

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