We Run Lucky Run 10K

Good morning! This weekend was quite perfect if you ask me. It had a little bit of everything: quality time with a friend, Boone snuggles, a great run, good food, relaxing and some crafting.

The first thing I did Friday night was get my items ready for the race on Saturday. Rachael, my friend and roommate from college, came over for the night and I wanted to spend my evening chatting with her, instead of running around getting my race gear ready. Once she got in, we pretty much just hung around chatting, which was exactly what I needed. I love spending time with her.

Race Prep

Saturday morning, Ryan and Rachael dropped me off at the race and they went to eat while I ran. They were there for the finish though. Even though the sun was out, the air was kinda chilly, so I opted for a long sleeve and leggings. It definitely warmed up during the run, but I never felt too overdressed. Maybe a lighter long sleeve would’ve done… Anyways, I was pretty nervous at the start line. My foot has been bugging me so I wasn’t coming with super high expectations, better be safe than sorry as far as injuries go, but I still wanted to run faster than my previous 10K. I decided to go for it and gauge how I felt as I went.

Lucky Run start line

Well, my foot only bothered me for the first couple of miles and afterwards I was on cruise control. my first mile was kinda fast, so I adjusted after it as well. The race was pretty good. Not a whole bunch of people, but enough that I was never running alone. Note for  next time: bring my water bottle. I could have used one more water station this time around. I did finish with a PR in the 10k!!! Ran 6.22 miles in 57min 53 secs at a 9:20 per mile pace. I was struggling at the end, but it felt great to finish with such a great time, way above my expectations. I was going to shoot for the 9:30-9:45 pace.

We Run Lucky Run 10K

There was soooo much food afterwards. Seriously, apparently runners eat a lot after a race. I chugged my water and grabbed a brownie, banana, bagel and energy drink. Plus, I have one more medal in my collection. It’s pretty cool.

We Run Lucky Run 10K medal

After a shower and lunch, Rachael and I headed to get a couple of pedicures. I might need to make this my after-race ritual cause the hot water and that massage felt pretty good.


Once we got back to the house, we chatted some more and then took a nap. I must say, it was glorious. Then, it was time for Rach to head home. Tie just flies by when we hang out together. It’s always fun and relaxing. Love that girl!

Rach and I

I ended the night running some errands, which included a trip to Target. I kinda fell in love this these white nautical figurines. If only I had a place to put them and money to buy them… Instead, I opted for an iced coffee from Starbucks,

Sealife Target

Sunday was a pretty low key day as well. I made some awesome breakfast, french toast and all the bacon. Then I did some baking, some sewing and tended to random organizing around the house.


One of them was tending my seedlings. I cut back the seedlings to only leave one per pod. The tray on the left is the first one I started three weeks ago. The one on the right is two weeks old now. With a few exceptions, they’re both doing pretty well. I’m getting excited to get this garden going!

Seeds Week 3

Anything awesome going on with you this week? Not much over here!

Have a great week nonetheless!

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