Artist Inspired Mini Canvas: Miró and Picasso

So happy it’s Friday! Even though the weather isn’t awesome, it’s kinda of a good thing because I want to get some projects done around the house. Apart from that, Ryan and I are having a sushi date night this weekend. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve had the deliciousness that are rolls and sake, so I’m super excited about this. I’m also looking forward to my long run this weekend. It’ll probably be a slow one, due to a combination of rehabilitating foot and minimal running this week, but I know it’ll feel awesome to get it done. 8 miles, keep your fingers crossed for me…

sushi time

My last post about the Artist Inspired Mini Canvas only had two paintings. Today, I bring you the other two. These ones turned out to be a little easier probably due to the fact that all you have to do is fill in shapes and then outline them.  They are inspired by Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso, which both happen to be from Spain.

One thing I love about surrealist Miró is how his paintings experiment with shapes, structure and colors. (Image source)


Once again, I started with a quick sketch. For this one, I drew a bobber. Crossed some lines across the page and added some random details around it.

Miró Lure sketch

I drew it on the canvas a little darker to be able to see it through the background color.

Miró Lure draft

The background layer of paint was on the thin side, again to be able to see the guides.

Miró Lure base

Then I filled in the shapes with various colors.

Miró Lure colors

Finished it off with the black for the outlines and details. This one might be my favorite.

Miró Lure

My inspiration for the last one came from Picasso during his cubism period. (Image source)


I used this style of cubism, with the colors and vibrant backgrounds, but went with straight lines instead.

Picasso Crab sketch

I drew a crab because crabs are awesome, plus I’m a cancer.

Picasso Crab draft

Filled in the shapes with colors.

Picasso Crab base colors

Added some details to the backgrounds.

Picasso Crab textures

Then, used the black for outlines to make it pop.

Picasso Crab black outline

Overall, this was a super fun project and hopefully I’ll frame them up soon. Maybe this weekend?

Any favorite artists?


  1. the black makes all the difference on the Picasso!

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