One fish, two fish, red fish, raw fish…

Good morning! Hopefully you’re feeling rested and ready for the week. Even though Ryan and I got a lot done this weekend, I feel strangely energized. I’m probably riding the sense of accomplishment wave.

Friday after work, I made a quick trip to the grocery store, so I wouldn’t have to do it in the weekend. Well, I found an awesome pastry blender on sale. Score! I usually cut butter in with my hands, so I know this handy tool will be greatly used.

grocery store find

I also got myself some flowers just because. My dining room table needed something…

Friday Flowers

When I got back, Ryan had taken the vinyl floor off the bathroom so we would be ready for our weekend project. There was more glitter tile underneath. Anybody need some?

glitter floor

After running some errands in the morning, I went for my long run. It went wayyy better than I expected. My foot is has still been bugging me, so I wasn’t too strict on how much or how fast I ran. The combo of the cool breeze and the sun shinning must’ve done something because I rocked my run, 8 miles at 10’29” per mile including two walking breaks. I also tried a new fuel during my run, Swedish Fish. Even though a little tough at first, they worked pretty well and my stomach handled them without any issues.

 run suagr fuel 

After more than an hour of running, I knew I needed to stretch, so I went ahead and did some with the company of my furry friend.


The mailman dropped off an unexpected package for me. Remember how I fell in love with the nautical figurines from Target, well my mom sent them to me. Isn’t she the best ever?!?!

Target nautical

No more procrastinating, it was time to get to the floor projects, which turned out to be more of a hassle than expected. When we ripped the glitter tiles out, we found out that the board underneath had been previously soaked, so we ended up having to replace that board from the toilet and all along the shower. This added about three hours to our project. Can you tell how excited Ryan was about his?!? It was a mess.

hard at work

Meanwhile, Boone went between taking naps looking out the window and wondering what in the world we were doing.

Bipolar Boone   

Needless to say, our sushi date night got postponed, so I just grabbed some pizza from Little Caesar’s and called it a night.

pizza payoff 

Saturday morning went a little bit better. Ever since our trip to Portland, we’ve been raving about Pine State Biscuits’ Reggie Deluxe. It’s an amazing sandwich: biscuit, fried chicken, bacon, sausage gravy, sharp cheddar cheese and an egg. Other than the biscuits, I made everything from scratch. Must say, it was amazing and a great start to our day.

Reggie Deluxe 

It was the perfect fuel to finish up the bathroom projects. We grouted the floors and put the toilet back in place. After a nice shower, it was sushi time! So so good. Sushi+sake=awesomeness!!!

sushi night

Finally, an after dinner selfie. We took a regular one and then this one, which turned out way better. Boone decided to come running and jump on us, and this was the result.


It was a pretty good weekend indeed!

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