Blue Square Removable Pillow Cover

Good morning and Happy Good Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? Ryan and I will be heading to his hometown to celebrate Easter with his family. I made some M&M cookies for them which I’m super excited about. Candy is was better when it is Holiday themed. It’s a fact. Before I got to baking them though, I went on my 5 mile run. I also debuted my awesome new running leggings. They’re Reebok and I got them at TJ Maxx for $17! Whoop! I also ran one mile talking to my new running buddy, Jon. It was a little faster than what I’m used to, plus the talking, I was beat afterwards.

Running Leggings

Since, Boone is so good at posing for me, I made him lay down next to the project I bring for you today, a blue square removable pillow cover. For this though, he didn’t seem too amused and he basically just covered it up. HE does like to lay on it quite a bit.

Boone with Blue Square Pillow

Materials needed:

  • scraps of fabric in 3 different colors (I used kitchen fabric napkins)
  • fabric for back (I used linen)
  • scissors
  • pins
  • ruler
  • rotary cutter
  • cutting mat
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • pillow form, I used a 20×20
  • iron and board

Blue Square Pillow supplies

First up, cut your fabric to size. For the colored squares, you’ll need three pieces of each color 7.5×7.5”. The backing will have two pieces, one 21.5×17“, the other 21.5×9”. The rotary tool comes super handy for this.

Blue Square Pillow cut pieces

Iron the pieces to work with unwrinkled fabric. It’s much easier.

Blue Square Pillow iron pieces

Prepare your back pieces. Fold 1” in along one of the long edges of each piece and pin. I like to measure first and then fold. Iron edges.

Blue Square Pillow fold once

Fold in one more inch and repin. Once again, iron edges. Ironing is your friend when it comes to sewing, it make everything lay flat and feed through the machine way easier. It’s not super obvious in the picture below, but the bottom seam has been ironed, while the top one is still bubbly.

Blue Square Pillow  second fold

Sew two straight lines with a 1/4” seam allowance on either side. Alternately, you could also just sew the one closest to the edge, but I like the look of the double one.

Blue Square Pillow seam allowance

Lay out the pattern you’ll want for the squares.

Blue Square Pillow pattern

Sew two adjoining squares from each row with a 1/4” sea allowance. Sorry for the blurry pic!!

Blue Square Pillow  two squares

Next, sew the remaining square.

Blue Square Pillow three squares

Now, iron the back of each seam so they lay flat. Again, the bottom ones have been ironed, while the top one hasn’t, just for visual reference.

Blue Square Pillow iron seams

Align and pin two rows and sew a 1/4” seam allowance. Do this with the third row as well.

Blue Square Pillow rows coming together

Start assembling the three pieces together. Lay the blue pieces right side up. Then lay the back pieces right side down and overlapping. Sew each back to the front .

Blue Square Pillow backs

Laid open it will look like this.

Blue Square Pillow three together

Next, sew the final two sides, making sure the longer piece overlaps the shorter one. This will make it easier to remove the cover once finished.

Blue Square Pillow overlaps

Turn pillow cover inside out. Again, sorry for the picture quality, it was getting dark out.

Blue Square Pillow inside out

Fill your pillow with the pillow insert. You could also just use this type of cover to upgrade a pillow you already own.

Blue Square Pillow insert pillow

That’s it! If you want a stiffer/more full pillow, make your pillow cover about and inch smaller than your pillow.

Blue Square Removable Pillow Cover

Hope you liked today’s project!

Have a wonderful Easter!

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