Groutable Vinyl Tiles: Part 2, Baseboards and Trim

It’s Friday! Yey! I’m super excited because we have friends staying with us this weekend,  Max and Kayla. He was Ryan’s best man in our wedding and she was one of my bridesmaids. Plus, they have a super cute baby who’s staying over as well. Also, today is National Siblings Day! It’s time to celebrate the special ladies in my life who I shared rooms with, laughs and tears, who I miss most dearly and the girls that can go from loving each other to full on arguments in the blink of an eye. Gotta live my sisters, they’re the best!

Sibling Day

On Wednesday, I shared with you how Ryan and I installed groutable vinyl tiles in our bathroom. Today, I’m going to show you an overview on how we finished the job. We reused the same baseboards, but bought new quarter round from Menards. After a light sanding of the baseboards, we gave them two coats of paint.

Vinyl Groutable Tile paint baseboards

We used a flat white paint from Lowes that we had bought for some ceiling touchups. To be specific, we used Valspar’s Signature paint and primer in Swiss Coffee.

Vinyl Groutable Tile paint

To adhere the boards to the wall, we used molding and trim nails.

Vinyl Groutable Tile nails

Once the baseboards were completely dry, we nailed them to the wall with a nail in on each side and about every 8 inches.

Vinyl Groutable Tile baseboards

Ryan also decided to caulk the top and bottom, again to prevent water issues, plus I think he got excited about the whole caulking thing. Boys and their tools. Finally, we touched up with paint over the nails and any hammer scuff marks.

Vinyl Groutable Tile caulk

We bought primed quarter round, so all we needed to do was measure and cut it. Quarter round is pretty affordable, and since ours was so beat up, it was an easy choice to buy new one. Measure and cut in a 45 degree angle for corners and when it dead ends. BTW, Ryan doesn’t recommend the saw used in this pic. A regular miter saw might work better.

Vinyl Groutable Tile quarter round

Once it’s measured and cut, go ahead and paint, let dry and nail in place.

Vinyl Groutable Tile nail quarter round

Touch up any surfaces with paint. Once again, Ryan decided to caulk the joints…

Vinyl Groutable Tile touch up quarter round

You are done! We also did our entry way. This setup was a little different due to the space and how the house was built aka weird drywall dimensions. In this case, we just painted the walls with the same paint and placed only the baseboards. No quarter round and no caulking. The caulk is really not necessary and we won’t be doing the same when we redo the rest of the house.

Vinyl Groutable Tile entryway

Hope these tutorials have helped. Have a great weekend!

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