Milkshakes and Onion Rings

Well this weekend came and went. All of our plans ended up being kinda spur of the moment with a lot of down time, which was welcomed with open arms. Friday after work, Ryan went fishing while I took a nap with Boone, who is known as the best cuddler ever. Then, Ryan and I went for a dinner date to Applebee’s. We got a gift card from his parents a while back and decided to use it. Beers and sharing appetizers, it was pretty good.


Applebees dinner

Saturday started for me with a long run, 11 miles. It was actually a perfect day for running. The sun didn’t come out until the very end, so I stayed cool the whole time. Ran about 11 minute miles and felt pretty good afterwards. Happy to say, there’s no sign of foot pain anymore!

11 mile run  

The run was quite relaxing. The flowers are starting to bloom, which makes it quite beautiful. Also, the water fountains are on! No more running with a water bottle in hand. And check out that squirrel. Hilarious.

running sights

After a quick shower, Ryan and I got on the road to a baby shower. I wore the dress I won from PinkBlush a while ago. It is soooo comfy. I kinda made a promise to myself to wear more dresses this summer. Also, check out Boone trying to steal the spotlight. This dog is ridic.

Pink Blush Dress

Baby shower sweets for the win!

Baby shower

After hanging out with our friends for a while, we got back on the road home. Ryan stopped to get some food and I went with the best combination ever: milkshake and onion rings. Sooo good!

drive munchies   

Back at the house, I got into some scrapbooking, or at least tried to since Boone was requesting more of my attention.

attention getter 

Once it started raining at night, Ryan went out to get himself some worms for fishing in the morning. Gross.

worm hunting

While Ryan went fishing Sunday morning, Boone and I went on a walk. The vet said to keep him walking to keep his muscle mass before and after the surgery. He actually does pretty good on a short leash.

flower walk

The rest of Sunday was spent scrapbooking some more and watching movies on Netflix. I watched Labor Day and The One I Love. I really liked both of them. Keep them on your to-watch list.


Then we ended the day with a quick trip to Walmart to get Boonie a big nice pillow for his recovery. He laid on it right away in the car, so I think he approves. Although as I write this, he is laying in the middle of the living room floor one foot away form the new bed.

new bed

All in all, nothing extraordinary happened and the rain kinda changed some of our plans, but I do love relaxing weekends.

Hope you have a good week!

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