Boone’s Road to Recovery

Good morning! So this weekend was pretty much devoted to taking care of Boone. He had an ACL tear and needed surgery to restore it. Apparently, dogs’ ACLs can just start tearing over a period of time until they eventually snap.  The surgery our vet performs is a TTA, if you want to look more into it. His road to recovery will be pretty long, it usually takes around eight weeks, but he’s already showing signs of improvement. We dropped him off on Friday morning and picked him up in the afternoon with his new super sweet haircut.


We got to talk to the vet before leaving and he was saying that Boone was doing great, putting weight on the leg and all. He was also impressed that Boone was already sitting normally, instead of the weight off to one side. What a trooper! With that said, he did warn us that the first night is pretty rough. And it was. Boone slept most of the time, but whenever he woke up he started moaning and only calmed down when petted. I actually ended up sleeping next to him on the floor that night. The things we do for dogs.

Boones first night

Saturday was a pretty rainy day so taking care of Boone sounded like the perfect excuse to stay in. He was doing a lot better and we kept him pretty cozy with a few blankets and pillows.

Saturday morning Boone

All he wanted to do was get petted. If I was going to be sitting right next to him, I gave him a break from the cone. He’s pretty good if I know he’s going to sleep. We still keep it on overnight though.

Boones saturday

The vet gave us three pills to give him and recommended walks, massages and exercises. To keep track of all of these for the next few weeks, I got my calendar ready. Now I won’t be able to fit any more dates in there, it’s all about Boone.

pill schedule

By the late afternoon, he was doing way better and had his first full meal. While he slept and walked around, I crafted and hung out. It was a pretty good Saturday ending with Ryan and I watching the lat installment of The Hobbit. Not too bad.


Since I couldn’t get my run in on Saturday, I got out there early Sunday morning. 12 miles done. Now it’s time for the taper aka the time where I get to eat just as much food and run less. Yes! The run went pretty well. I ran a 10:30ish pace and felt pretty good at the end.

Running 12 miles

When I got back, I took Boone on one of his exercise walks and I used the time to cool down myself. Multi-tasking!

cooldown walk

Sunday, Boone was way more alert and following us around. He did take his long naps, but less than on Saturday. He ate just fine and moved around without any problems. He has some bruises starting to show, which the vet said is to be expected, and his swelling has gone down. It’s still pretty puffy around the knee area, but you can now see all his thigh muscles. This dog is doing good. His next checkup will be this afternoon, let’s see what the vet says.

alert Sunday

Sunday night ended with some wild rice and fried walleye. Ryan just caught this walleye on Saturday and it was glorious.


I’ll definitely keep you posted on Boone’s recovery. If you have any questions, ask away!

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