Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container

It’s Friday! Is it me or did this week go by fast?! I felt like each day kinda dragged on and on, but before I knew it, the weekend was here! my plans for the weekend are to do a lot of crafting, watch a lot of movies and take care of Mr. Boone. We are taking him to his second laser treatment today and check up how he’s recovering one week post op. Since last Friday’s ACL surgery, I can definitely see daily improvements, at least in his manner. He’s playing more and gets excited more now too. Ryan and I have been pretty about keeping up with his pills and recovery exercises. The weekend will help since I’ll be home most of the time. I bet he can’t wait until we can take the cone off at night, poor thing.

Therapy Walk

If you are like me and dealing with a million things right now, then you’ll appreciate the project I’m sharing with you today. I’ve been slowly trying to wrap up all the bathroom projects to move on to another room in the house and I’m one step closer to it. Anyways, wanting to add some decorative/functional pieces to the top of the sink, I made an etched glass container with a sand dollar motif to store my makeup remover pads. The process itself is actually quite simple.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container shape

All you need are a glass container (mine was a $2 one form a local craft store), old or cheap brush, removable vinyl (found in the kitchen department with the drawer liners) and Armour Etch cream.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container materials

Sketch and draw your design on a piece of removable vinyl.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container design

Cut the shape out, anything that you don’t want etched will be covered with vinyl.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container stencil

Place the decal on the cleaned glass surface.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container vinyl cutout

With a brush, place a generous amount of the Armour Etch over the surface, You wan to make sure you can’t see any glass. The instructions say to wait a minute before cleaning, but I usually to no less than 5.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container etching

Rinse the cream off under running water and dry.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container rinsed

The vinyl is reusable, so if you want to have the same design on all four sides just do the above steps on each side. In this case though, I just etched the rest of the bottle.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container sides

Once completely dry, it’s ready to be used for storage. With the nautical motif, it would also be a great keepsake jar for sand or seashells from vacations.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container

Either way, it’s only a thirty minute project and that’s because of the waiting time to let the cream do it’s magic.

Sand Dollar Etched Glass Container how to

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. love it so pretty thanks for sharing have a great day

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