Two Tone Makeup Pouch

So excited for Friday! I’ve spent all this week thinking it was one day later than what it really was, so I’m quite excited for it to end. I’m running the Marion Arts Festival Half Marathon tomorrow and I’m definitely both nervous and excited. Ryan and I will also be having some friends over this weekend which I always look forward to. When most of your friends live far away, you truly appreciate any time spent with them. Also, it’s been three weeks now since Boone’s surgery and he’s doing great. He might be feeling too confident though since he wants to jump up to our couches all the time. He’s ready to be done with recovery.

Anywhosers, today I’m sharing with you another sewing project. It’s a small two tone pouch you can use as an emergency kit or for makeup or whatever your heart desires to keep on you at all times. I’ve had this idea for a while, so it feels great to finally make it happen, plus it’s super cute!

Two Tone Makeup Pouch

The materials needed:

  • fabric in two different colors
  • fusible interfacing
  • 7” zipper
  • cutting matt
  • rotary cutters and/or scissors
  • ruler
  • iron
  • sewing machine fitted with coordinating thread.

Two Tone Pouch materials

The cuts of fabric are as follows (note that I use a quarter inch seam allowance):

  • (2) accent color 7.5”x2”
  • (2) canvas color 7.5”x4”
  • (2) liner fabric 7.5”x5.5”
  • (2) fusible interfacing 7”x5”
  • (2) zipper accents 2”x3”
  • (1) zipper 7” (do not cut off the pull end)

Two Tone Pouch cuts

The first step is to line up the two outside colors and get the sides set up. Pin the accent color to the canvas color along the long edge and sew. If your fabric has a wrong side, make sure these are facing out. Open and iron flat.

Two Tone Pouch sides

Next, iron on the fusible interfacing to the back side of each piece. In reality, the interfacing is not an integral part of the piece, but I like that it gives it a little more structure.

Two Tone Pouch interfacing

Now let’s get the zipper ready. Fold each 2×3 piece in half along the long edge and press. Then, open and fold each edge toward the crease line in the middle and press again. You’ll end up making a nice pocket for your zipper to fit into.

Two Tone Pouch zipper sides

Place one of these pockets on each side of your zipper and sew in place. Remember to be careful and cautious anytime you sew across the zipper.

Two Tone Makeup Pouch zipper

Time to start assembling the pouch. Align the pieces in the following order: one side face up, zipper face down, liner (face down if it has a wrong side). Sew the three together along the zipper line. Open up and repeat on the other edge and with the other two pieces. Iron all seams flat.

Two Tone Makeup Pouch align

Open up the zipper of your pouch and align the side so the two outsides are facing each other and the two liners are facing each other on either side of the zipper. Pin everything in place.

Two Tone Pouch alignment

Sew along all edges leaving about a three inch gap in the liner bottom.

Two Tone Pouch sew shut

Finally, turn garment inside out through the opening and sew the liner shut.

Two Tone Pouch close liner

At this point, your piece is ready to go.

Two Tone Makeup Pouch instructions

Being me, I decided to give it a little extra spunk, so I added a pig silhouette.The steps are actually quite simple. Trace you design to a piece of freezer paper (a), cut out the silhouette to create a stencil (b), iron on to fabric shiny side down (c), paint with a foam brush like if you were using a sponge (d), take out stencil and let dry (e).

Two Tone Makeup Pouch paint

Now there’s a cute little pig decorating the bag!

Two Tone Makeup Pouch sewing project

It might seem like a lot, but if you have all the materials, the project can really be done in one sitting. Plus, it makes a great gift!

If interested, here’s a tutorial for a Cosmetics Pouch with Personalized Photo. A little similar, but slightly different.


Once again, hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. it is supeeer cute. Love the contrasting colors and the little golden piggy on it 🙂

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