Marion Arts Festival Half Marathon

Hello!!!! I just ran my second half marathon this weekend and my legs hurt, but it was all worth it! I had a pretty open mindset about the race and didn’t really set any goals other than to finish the race and be able to walk afterwards. Goal accomplished!

Friday, I kept it pretty low key. After some debating, I decided to go to packet pick-up instead of waiting til the morning, just to ease my mind. It was quite seamless and it was nice to see the artists setting up. The half marathon I ran was part of the Marion Arts Festival.

Packet PickUP

On my way back, I didn’t really want to bother with dinner, so I just picked up some pizza. Pizza Hut = carb loading at its finest.

Carb Load Pizza Hut

After laying out my gear and some ice-cream to calm the nerves, it was time for bed.

 Race Gear ready

Woke up early Saturday to get ready and Ryan decided to pump me up by playing a compilation of Rocky’s training scenes and music. It worked like a charm, at least my nerves died down by distracting me a bit.

morning prep

After breakfast (white bread toast with strawberry jelly), I was off to the race. Ryan was going to meet me there afterwards. On my walk over to the starting line I had my pre-race fuel of choice, a Honey Stinger Waffle. They’re pretty delicious too!

Honey Stinger pre race

Race time! The course went along the town through both streets and trails. I really enjoyed this race because it was small enough that I wasn’t fighting with people along the course. I just ran my own race listening to my music and just enjoying the time. The first five miles went by super quick!

Final push

There were a few hills, but nothing steep or uncomfortable. The volunteers were also great! Before I knew it, I just had three miles to go and feeling pretty good.  At this point I wish I had some more fuel on me, I finished my packet of Cliff gel,  but I knew I was going finish without a problem. Once I the finish line was in my sight, I gave it a little push, and seeing Ryan cheering me on gave me the extra kick I needed to sprint to the finish.


According to my phone, I finished the race in 2:17:01 with a 10:19 average pace. Chip time hasn’t been released yet… I was and am super happy with the race and results. We walked around for a little bit while I ate my post race fuel and stretched my legs. Plus, I did take advantage of the free massages for runners. Yes!

post race pic

On our way home, we stopped to get some more food, because running makes you really hungry. A turkey sandwich, some fruit and an iced coffee were just perfect. Plus, I picked up a cake to eat later as my treat.


After showering and getting ready, we had some friends over for the rest of the day. We just hung out, chatted and cooked some dinner. It was great catching up with all of them!

beauty and the beasts

And as promised, I had my little piece of heaven cake just before bed. Just perfect.

race perks

Sunday my quads were pretty sore, so Boone and I went out for a walk to stretch them out and for his therapy walk. Multi-tasking is the best. He actually did pretty well, but I could tell he felt the strain by the end of our around-the-block walk.

walking the dog

After chasing a baby around all Saturday and his walk, he spent the rest of the day sleeping. Lazy Sunday is his motto.

Boone's Sunday

I, on the other hand, spent the day crafting. Pretty relaxing Sunday indeed.

beafing around

I must say that this weekend definitely exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait for the next!


  1. Some notes:
    1) You had me at “The first 5 miles” – Exhausting!!
    2) You run funny
    3) You are and look amazing!
    4) Pizza Hut pizza is better stateside 🙁
    5) I want cake!
    6) Love you!

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