Purple Necklace with Oven Baked Clay Beads

Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s going to be a rainy day today, so I’m already planning on having some hot chocolate tonight. I may or may not still be milking the fact that I ran 13 miles on Saturday. Also, not sure if I have mentioned it before, but yoga is amazing. My legs were pretty sore after the race and a quick yoga session Monday night made all the pain go away. Seriously amazing.

Once again, I found my way back to my jewelry passion. Remember that Seashell Jewelry Holder I made not too long ago? Well, that same day I made myself some beads and finally made a necklace with them. Purple Power!

Clay Bead Necklace

Making the beads is quite simple. If needed, you can reference that post for more details. Basically, you take a few colors of the Sculpey clay, mix them together and form into various sized orbs.

Clay Bead Necklace beads

Slide a toothpick though the middle of each bead to create a hole and bake for about 30 minutes in a 275 degree oven.

Clay Bead Necklace hole in beads

Once cooled, you can glaze the beads with the Sculpey satin glaze. Hold them with a toothpick and let them dry propped up on any surface that works. If you have any thick cardboard or foam, that should work too.

Clay Bead Necklace gloss coat

Now, it’s time to assemble the necklace.

Clay Bead Necklace clay beads

You’ll need:

  • crimping pliers
  • flat nose pliers
  • crimp beads and covers
  • clasp
  • jump rings
  • wire
  • beads

Clay Bead Necklace materials

Gather up your beads and come up with your design. Basically going from big to small was the way to go for me. 18” will be your average necklace length.

Clay Bead Necklace layout

On one end of the wire, attach a jump ring and hold in place with a crimp bead. Finish with a crimp cover and clasp.

Clay Bead Necklace clasp end

Then, just start threading in you r beads in order. Once done, finish necklace with another crimp bead, jump ring and clasp combo. This time, another jump ring was used as the other end of the clasp.

Clay Bead Necklace assemble

And done!

Clay Bead Necklace instructions

The best part about chunky necklaces, they go with pretty much every neckline. Love them!

Purple Oven Bake Clay Bead Necklace

I really can’t wait to experiment even more with making my own beads. Stay tuned!

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