Criss Cross Ribbon Pillow

Good morning! By the time you read this, I’ll probably be on my way to see my family! My parents’ 60th birthday is this year, so we rented a catamaran and will be wandering around the British Virgin Islands for the next week. I can’t wait to see them! In the meantime, I’ll leave you with another sewing project I worked on this week, another decorative pillow.

Criss Cross Pillow diy

It took me some time to figure it out and after some fighting with my machine, I was finally able to get this thing done. The brown fabric I used was pretty thin, so my sewing machine kept bunching it up at the needle instead of moving it through. Thankfully, I got it figured out and here’s the result.

Materials needed:

  • fabric of choice
  • ribbon in one or two colors
  • 18×18 pillow insert
  • 20”+ zipper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • sewing machine and thread

Criss Cross Pillow materials

Fabric cuts needed:

  • (2) 18”x18” of brown fabric
  • (4) 24” green ribbon
  • (4) 22” ivory ribbon
  • (2) 2”x3” brown fabric for zipper sides
  • (1) zipper to 15.5”

Criss Cross Pillow fabric cuts

First up, lay a piece of the brown fabric down and align the first two pieces of ribbon. For the green ribbon, place the edge at the three inch mark from each corner and pin in place. For the ivory, do the same but at the 4” mark.

Criss Cross Pillow ribbon layout

Rotate and pin the next two strips. This time, make sure to start weaving in and out of the ribbons already in place.

Criss Cross Pillow pattern

Finish with the remaining ribbons to make the complete design.

Criss Cross Pillow ins and outs

Get the zipper ready by folding the 2×3 pieces in half and sewing along the edges of the zipper.

Criss Cross Pillow zipper sides

With the ribbon/fabric face up, align the zipper along the edge face down and pin. Sew zipper to fabric.

Criss Cross Pillow attach zipper

Do the same with the other edge of the zipper and the plain cut of fabric.

Criss Cross Pillow zipper close

Open and iron seams flat.

Criss Cross Pillow iron seams

Fold along zipper with fabric fronts facing each other and pin in place. Sew along all three edges. Make sure the zipper is open for this step.

Criss Cross Pillow finish sewing

Turn inside out and remove any pins.

Criss Cross Pillow removable

Grab your pillow insert. This time I used a feather fill option.

Criss Cross Pillow insert

Place pillow inside…

Criss Cross Pillow w pillow

…and close zipper.

Criss Cross Pillow close zipper

Done! The ribbons in this design are loose other than the edges. The pillow filling keeps taught. Alternately, you can sew down the middle or seams of each ribbon, or use some fabric glue to keep them from shifting around. I’ll probably end up putting a small dot of fabric glue at each intersection.

Criss Cross Pillow with Removable Zipper Cover

With the zipper, it’s easy to remove and wash both the cover and the pillow. Another removable option without hardware is my Blue Square Removable Pillow Cover.

Criss Cross Pillow with zipper

Happy sewing and have a great weekend!

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