British Virgin Islands: Days 1-3

Let’s get right to it! This trip my family took over Memorial Day week was amazing to say the least. Even though I’ve been there before, it was great to take Ryan for the first time and be there again in a little over 10 years. Plus, we got to visit some new places. It’s definitely a trip I would recommend to anybody. The Panty Crew was ready to roll! Panty Crew is the name we inherited because dad was the captain and all his crew members were girls, hence the name.


Day 1

We traveled from San Juan to Tortola and had to go through customs. Not troublesome at all, but just a thing to note.


From the airport, we took a taxi to Nanny Cay where our boat awaited for us.

Nanny Cay Marina

We chartered a boat from Virgin Traders and it was great to work with them. They were great at communicating before the trip and helped us get ready for what to expect. Once there, they also gave a briefing to dad and two of the guys on how to work the boat and all it’s gadgets. Our vessel for the trip was James’ Bond.

James Bond Virgin Traders

Once we got settled and stocked the boat with groceries and other essentials, it was time to set sail. My dad was super stoked about being behind the wheel of a boat once more.

Dad the Captain

The ladies were doing pretty well as well.

Im on a boat

Our first stop was Cane Garden, Tortola where we spent the night. It was a great first stop with plenty of activity on shore and great water to swim in.

Cane Garden

As soon as we got there, Ryan and Javier got their fishing items in line and headed out on the dinghy.


The rest of us enjoyed the water.

water time

Once the sun settled, we headed to the shore to grab some dinner. Then it was time to get back on the boat and rest to get ready for our next day.

Day 2

After breakfast and getting ready, we headed to White Bay in Jost Van Dyke.

White Bay

This beach is known for it’s clear waters, white sand and famous Soggy Dollar Bar famous for it’s painkillers; a drink made with Pusser’s Rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and orange juices topped with nutmeg. Deliciously amazing!

Soggy Dollar Bar

We pretty much spent the whole day here because it’s just that awesome.

White Bay day

Once it was time to set sail again, we headed to Little Harbour for the night.

Little Harbour

Before heading out to dinner, we got dressed in our Hawaiian gear. We made some theme nights to add some fun to our nights.

Hawaiian night

For dinner we went to Sydney’s to have some lobster. If you’re wondering, yes, it was delicious.


They also had an open bar. Meaning, you walked behind the bar, served yourself a drink and wrote it down in a book to be added to your check. It was a pretty low key place.


Once back on the boat, it was time for Ryan to do some more fishing. He ended up catching one of the fish and a manta ray.


Day 3

It started bright an early with a stop at The Caves in Norman Island.

The Caves

The area is known for great snorkeling and it did not disappoint.

long sleev shirts

There were a ton of fish!


After we got snorkeling in, we headed to The Bight for the afternoon to enjoy some more beach time and lunch.

The Bight

And of course, the Ryan and Javier did some more fishing.

catch of the day

Finally, we ended up at Little Harbour in Peter Island to anchor for the night.

peter island

We had an amazing sunset that was just breathtaking.

great harbour sunset

Time for another theme night!

inside the boat

This time it was 60s night with wigs and props as we enjoyed an amazing playlist made by my little sister Tania.

60s night

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the next part of the trip…

PS Those awesome navy long sleeve shirts you see us wearing are technical shirts we used as rash guards. Karla ordered them online with a boat logo, the name of our previous boat Reguerete (mess), and Panty Crew. They were amazing!

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