British Virgin Islands: Day 4-5

Hello hello! How has your week been? Mine has gone pretty well. I’ll tell you this much, after a whole week of being lazy, which I fully enjoyed, it does feel good to get active again. This summer I plan to challenge myself a little bit more in yoga. Still running and strength training, but just a little less. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to balance on your head and hands? I think so!

Anyways, today I’ll be sharing with you the middle of our family trip through the British Virgin Islands during Memorial Day week. During this part of the trip, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to one of our sisters since she needed to head back to the Big Apple for work. And so we became a family of 8, which really confused us when getting a table or ordering anything…

Catching up? Here’s the first recap… British Virgin Islands: Day 1-3

Little Harbour Peter Island

Day 4

Since we didn’t get enough snorkeling yesterday, our first stop was The Indians. A couple of rock formations off an island where corals and fish abound throughout.

The Indians

The snorkeling was outstanding here.


Definitely one the best I’ve ever done so far.

 corals at indians

The first group in the water also got to see a turtle!

 give me some noggin

After some snacking, we headed to Cooper Island Beach Club.

Cooper Island

The water was refreshing and the beach was very inviting.

Water at Cooper

We sat down to enjoy some Bushwackers (a frozen drink make with Kahlua, vodka, rum, amaretto, coconut cream, milk and chocolate syrup). If you’re wondering, yes it was delicious. We also had some lunch and the best conch fritters in the islands. Seriously good.

Bushwackers at Cooper Island

We played some darts, hung out, went for a walk and took a dip in the water. A new spot for us, but definitely one we’ll be coming to again.


Finally, we got to our destination for the night, Village Cay. The marina is situated in Road Town, capital of the BVI, so we used the opportunity to fill up on groceries and refreshments and of course tackle for the fishermen.

Vilage Cay

We all got pretty in our white-shirt themed night and headed out to dinner at Pusser’s Pub.

White shirt night

Of course, no dinner would be complete without a whole family selfie with a selfie-stick nonetheless.

Pussers selfie

Day 5

The morning started pretty early since Hanna was taking an early flight. Once we had some breakfast, I walked with her over to the taxi station and said my goodbye with a hug. Then, it was time to cruise over to our next destination, Virgin Gorda Yatch Harbour, where we were going to spend the night.

Virgin  Gorda Yatch Harbour

Once we got settled in the marina, we took a taxi ride over to The Baths, my favorite place in the islands. If going by boat, you have to leave it in a mooring and then dinghy to shore, but the taxi ride just makes it a lot easier.

The Baths

It was super crowded too. There were a ton of excursions and trips so the “magical” part of it was lost in the beginning, but later in the day we got to enjoy the place more freely.

On our way

Nonetheless, we had a great time. You arrive at the top of the mountain and walk down a rock and sand laden path to the beach.

Walk down

From there, you take a playground-like hike through massive granite boulders with the help of some rope and stairs, through ponds and tight spaces until you reach Devil’s Bay.

Through The Baths

We decided to take a break in one of the little pools to relax, hang out and get away from the crowd. The pool is actually on the other side of these rocks.

Group at Baths

A little later, we finally made our way over to Devil’s Bay, which is gorgeous.

Devils Bay

Once we got our fill of sun and sand, and got hungry, we made our way back and had dinner at the restaurant aptly named Top of the Baths. The passion fruit daiquiri I had, tasted like heaven, so did the food.

The Baths entry

Since we had a late lunch, once we got to the marina, some took naps and others watched the sunset before getting ready for game night.

Sunset at Virgin Gorda

Meanwhile, Ryan did some more fishing. Seriously can’t stop that guy. He did catch a tiny hammerhead shark, which we obviously released back to the sea. Gotta save the sharks!


Another awesome buy we made for the trip was personalized Tervis tumblers. Tania prepared them and got them ready for us. Each person had their own design, name and of course Panty Crew on them. It made it super easy to keep track of each of our cups, everyone was responsible for their own, and we used them for everything, from water to wine. Plus, we get to keep a memento from the trip!

Tervis Tumblers

Stay tuned for the final chapter in our British Virgin Islands adventures…


Have a great weekend!

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