Getting used to longer days

Good morning! A brand new week is ahead of us and I’m hoping to rev up my immune system a bit. Ryan got sick last week and it finally caught up to me this weekend. Loading up on Vitamin C, water and hot tea to soothe my sore throat. Not feeling too bad at the moment, but just a little bit under the weather.

This weekend felt like it went on forever. With sunsets around 8pm, the days feel so long. It’s not always bad because I feel I can fit more stuff in the day, but still. Friday was mainly dedicated to going to Costco and cleaning up around the house. We also rented Inherent Vice, which was pretty good for the most part. I say that because both Ryan and I were so tired (ie sick) that we fell asleep in the middle and woke up for the end. Apparently making it past 10pm won’t happen without coffee beforehand.

Saturday, I was still feeling pretty good in the morning so I went on a three mile run. Gotta get back to it! I went early enough that the breeze was pretty cool, so the run itself felt great. Afterwards, I took Boone on a walk for the cool down.

before i die

Then, Ryan and I met his two cousins, wife (of one of them) and baby to check out the Iowa City Arts Festival. He loooves people watching, so cute!

ladies man

I must say, there were some pretty cool pieces out there. People are really dedicated to their craft. art iowa city

After so me lunch and hanging out at their house, we headed home for a well deserved nap. This is when I really new that I was coming down with something. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. We had some dinner and then watched The Wedding Ringer, which was surprisingly good. I guess I didn’t have any expectations for it.

Sunday, was dedicated to more house work. I finally got to organizing my craft corner after ignoring it for about two months.

craft space org

The I took Boone on a walk to get some fresh air and sun. After some thunderstorms in the middle of the night, the day turned out to be gorgeous. We were both pretty happy about it.

Boone's walk

Back to some more organizing while drinking some tea with lemon and honey to soothe my throat.

Bigelow tea

Followed by some yoga and more housework. Seriously, these days are long. I also made some ice-cream and it was amazing. Super rich and creamy, I’ll share the recipe on Friday!


Finally, it was time to rest for the night and get this body to feel better.

Have a good week!

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