British Virgin Islands: Days 6-8

Hello! I don’t want this to end, but this is the last recap of our vacation to the British Virgin Islands. So sad when it’s over. I’ve had a great time going back through the pictures and looking at all the fun times we had during the trip. It all started in Saturday, May 23 when we chartered a boat in Tortola from Virgin Traders, James’ Bond.

 James Bond Dive

Here’s a recap of the beginning and middle of the trip:


Day 6

Thursday morning, after having breakfast and the boys coming back from their fishing outing, we headed out to a new to us beach, Savannah Bay in Virgen Gorda. The beach was open with just a few boats to share it with. 

 Savannah Bay

The waters were crystal blue, as if saturation was taken to 100%, and it felt great.

 chillin at savannah

Later on, we took the dinghy to the shore to hang out under the shade of some trees, take a swim and play some paddle board.


Once back on the boat, lunch was in order. We had a myriad of leftover items along with the fish the boys caught during the trip.

 taking a break

In the foil packet goes the clean fish seasoned with butter, lemon and salt and pepper, along with green peppers, tomato, onions and limes. Yes, they were amazing.

fresh catch

Before the afternoon was over, we made our way to Saba Rock, a small island off Virgin Gorda that developed from a small bar to a full-on hotel, marina and restaurant.


The setting was gorgeous and open to all the surrounding water. As a tip from the guy who checked us in, we headed straight to happy hour for some pain killers. With the setting sun, good company and drinks, you couldn’t ask for anything else.

happy hour

We took a tour around the island (a quick 3 minute walk) and headed in to get ready for the night.

Saba Rock

Before dinner, we took a quick dinghy tour around the other marinas in the area. We had dinner in their restaurant and it was great. They had a salad bar, which after almost a week of fried food, was like glory.

Saba in the distance

Day 7

Like always, the day started with Javier and Ryan heading out to go on their early morning fishing trip. This time, Ryan caught a barracuda, still not sure how he held it, but he looks pretty happy in this picture.


Feeling adventurous again, we went to another new-to-us beach, White Bay in Guana Island. On our way there though, since it was one of the longest trip, a few of us got to steer the boat for a bit.

Captain J

It was actually quite interesting how it worked.

Captain Paola dn the Woo Girls

One there, we enjoyed some snorkeling in really cold water, mostly due to the fact that it was cloudy that day.

white bay guana

Can you spot the turtle?

baby turtle

Some of us also went on a dinghy ride along the cliff of the island. Pretty cool indeed.

 dinghy ride

Once again, we headed to our destination for our final night on the islands, Scrub Island.

scrub island

I can’t even begin to tell you how glorious the pool water felt after being in salt water for so many days straight. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ocean, but this water felt pretty refreshing. Plus, the scenery was outstanding.

scrub pool

Our last dinner was in Tierra Tierra, the restaurant at the resort, and the food was again delicious. We never had a bad meal here.

tierra tierra

Day 8

Time to go back. How sad when it all ends. We got to back to Nanny Cay to return our charter and go through the last day briefing. Amanda at Virgin Traders was super helpful and nice.

Nanny Cay

Since our flight didn’t leave until later, we spent the day at he pool in the marina, ate lunch and then headed to the airport once again.

Also, another awesome thing we got for the trip: koozies. Obviously, boat themed. They were pretty awesome indeed!

Boat Koozies

This trip was definitely one of the best I’ve ever had in my lifetime. It was relaxing, the weather was great, the sights were unbelievable and I couldn’t have been in better company. We’re already planning for the next one!

Snorkeling at the Caves

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