Aaron Wernimont Memorial Tournament

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was filled with both highs and lows, but got to see some family and friends, which always makes it great. Friday after work, I did a quick yoga session and then got on the road to Ryan’s hometown. I carpooled with his cousin, and we ended up getting there a little bit late, so I went straight to bed.

Saturday started quite early for us. We wanted to stop by and say hi to both sets of grandparents before the day’s activities. Afterwards, Ryan went to help set up for the tournament and I went for a quick run. I didn’t have much time, but I still wanted to get out there, so I ran a quick 1.75 miles, got ready and went to the golf course. Every June we celebrate Aaron’s life by holding a tournament in his name. Aaron was a high school friend of Ryan that passed away too soon. So, the friends decided to celebrate his life every year. The turnout is always pretty amazing. This year I believe they had around 70 participants.

just us

This year the setup was a little different: teams of four competed in a 9-hole best ball, bags tournament and bowling. It was quite fun and everybody had a blast. Our foursome consisted of Josh and Kalyn (Ryan’s cousin and wife), Ryan and I. We had a great time spending the day playing games.

Tournament foursome

Our golf game wasn’t spectacular, but at one over par, I call it a success.


Then it was time for bags. We had the local bowling alley and bar help us set up for the day. They blocked off a section of the sidewalk and parking for the setup and it worked great. We had 6 games of bag toss going on at a time. Our team of four ended up losing the championship, but hey, we made it!

bags tournament

The it was time to head back inside for some bowling, which I must admit, wasn’t my forte. Still, overall, our team got 4th place!


After the tournament was over on the afternoon, we stayed in the bar the whole night and hung out with all our friends. We kept playing bags, talking and watching the band that came out to play. It’s always a blast when we all get together.


Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say for Sunday. About 10 of us woke up in the middle of the night with food poisoning, so my Sunday was spent resting in bed, hydrating and trying to feel better. We drove home way later than we initially wanted, so we just got home to rest some more, watch the NBA finals and head to bed. Hopefully this week will treat with better health wise.


Here’s to a good week!

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