Five Minute Bracelet

Good morning and Happy Friday! Hope the last day of the week brings a smile to your face. Other than having to clean my house, no exceptions, I’m looking forward to a no plans weekend. Maybe Ryan and I will make it to a movie? Who knows?!?!

Today, I’m sharing with you a very simple, quick, no-tools-needed bracelet. I mean it.

Five Minute Bracelet diy

All you need for this Five Minute Bracelet is:

  • cord (bamboo, leather, cotton, whatever you want)
  • a clasp with extender chain and end caps
  • metal tube/bead
  • E6000 glue
  • scissors

Five Minute Bracelet materials

First, cut three strands of cord to slightly shorter than the circumference of your wrist. I cut mine to 5.75”. The average bracelet size is 7.5”, so 6.5” would also do.

Five Minute Bracelet string

Place one metal tube in each cord and hold in place with a small drop of glue.

Five Minute Bracelet beads

Gather three of the ends, glue and place in one end cap.

Five Minute Bracelet glue

Do the same with the other three ends and your bracelet is done!

Five Minute Bracelet clasp

That’s it. super simple and cute.

Five Minute Bracelet

Mix and match colors and beads if desired.

Five Minute Bracelet how to

Hope you have a great weekend!

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