A little lazy, a little productive

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine wasn’t too shabby. Not much to report, but I did get a lot of things done. Friday was a day to get recharged. First thing I did when I got home from work was to take a nap. Obviously, Boone had to join in and decided to take up half of my pillow. Whatever. The rest of Friday, I did some crafting and then fell asleep on the couch watching TV. Those days are good.

Nap time

Saturday was a day to get things done around the house. I cleaned the whole main level and did some laundry. Again, Boone was right in the way and didn’t want to let me get the sheets. If I was a normal person I would’ve told him to get down, but instead I just scooped him off while I was pulling the blankets from underneath him. Yep, he’s got it made.

Laundry blocker

After running some errands, Ryan and I headed to his cousin’s house to hang out by the fire pit. Pretty low key evening and I loved it.

Sunday, all I did was craft. I worked on a shirt I’ve been planning for a while now.

craft 1

I also tried my hand in embroidery. It has been a lot easier than I thought and quicker too. At least for now!

craft 2

Then, Ryan and I headed to the movies and watched Jurassic World. It was actually quite good. To end the night, I had a snack of oreos and milk. Perfect combination.

oreos and milk

Here’s to a good week!

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