Make Your Own Tassel

Good morning and happy Friday! Today is extra special because it’s my 30th birthday, whoop! Apparently I didn’t get my share of Chicago last weekend so I’m going on a road trip there again. This time, Rachael (college roommie and bestie) and I are driving there to meet up with Lucia, another one of our roomies. Can’t wait to hang out with them!

Tassel how to

In the meantime, here’s a quick way to make tassels out of yarn. All you’ll need is some cardboard, yarn and scissors. First up, make your guide out of cardboard. The sturdier the better. In the picture below you can see the general dimensions I used, but you can adjust it depending on the size of tassel you want.

Tassel Form

Next up, cut up a couple of pieces of yarn, one to 4” and one to 8” in length.

Tassel strings

Line the shortest piece on top of of the guide and an end of the yarn ball along the face, with the end to the bottom.

Tassel step 1

Wrap yarn around the guide, keeping it taught.

Tassel wrap

Wrap as many times as you want, the more loops, the thicker the tassel will be. I did a total of 20 loops. Cut off the end.

Tassel rounds

Weave the 8” string through the hole.

Tassel tie

Keeping one end just a tad longer than the bottom of the guide, wrap around the loops about three times.

Tassel middle

Tie into a knot when done. Either tuck the ends inside the loop formed or just let them hang free.

Tassel strands

Carefully, slide tassel out and tie top string with a couple of knots.

Tassel remove

Cut loops in the bottom and any ends that might be too long. You’re done!

make your own tassel

You can use it for decorations, jewelry, key chains or whatever else. I’ll be sharing what I’m doing with them as soon as I’m done with the project. Hopefully soon!

Have a good weekend!

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