I’m 30!

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend! I spent mine in Chicago once again, but this time it was with two of my college roommates and we had a great time. It started Friday when Rachael came to pick me up so we could make our way over to Chicago.

Birthday Ballons

The drive was kinda long, but we ended up talking the whole time, so it went by a little faster. Once there, we just hung out, played with Winnie (she’s so cute!) and opened presents. They came together to give me 30 small presents, most of them being in increments of 30 (ie 30 tea bags, 30 dog treats, 30 bobby pins, etc). It was awesome.

Miss Winnie

Saturday, we went to get some breakfast and then did some shopping around. We stopped by David’s Tea and probably spent 30 minutes smelling their wonderful tea blends and left with some Pink Passion Fruit Tea and a ginger blend.

Davids Tea

Then we made our way over to the grocery to pick up some snacks for the concert that night. Unfortunately, we ran into a small snag on the way out, the car wouldn’t start! After trying to jump it to no avail, the tow company not being able to tow it (due to not being properly prepared) and a second jump attempt, it finally started. On our way to get the battery checked/get a new battery, the car died. Luckily for us, there was a car repair service on the corner of where we got stalled and, bless their souls, they were able to help us. After a couple of hours of checking the battery and alternator, and a new battery, we were on the road again.

Car problems

Once back in the apartment, we had some pizza and got ready for the Aretha Franklin concert.

the ladies

We got to Ravinia park with enough time to get settled. The venue has a pavillion and a lawn area where you can bring your own blankets, chairs, food, etc to enjoy the show.


It was kind of a misty night, but we still enjoyed the show.

at the park

Plus, our picnic was amazing.


Aretha can still sing her heart out. She was impressive.


The whole concert was extremely well organized as well.


Sunday, we had reservation to eat at The Southern.

The Southern

The food did not disappoint. Delicious!


After some more walking and hanging out, it was time to head back home. It was definitely a pretty great weekend!

chicago views

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